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The Queen   16 comments

I’m bored, very bored, I’ve been on this rig since the 4th, first the rig had a small problem with the drill string, we were suppose to get off while they fixed the fault, but at the last minute the suits said ‘don’t go we will have it fixed in no time’ so we stayed, that was the first 10 days, now we are WOW (Waiting On Weather) and there doesn’t seem an end to it.
Sitting on a rig doing nothing for so long can get very boring even though its not a bad one, the food is good, it has a gym and TV and Internet, even if the latter is very slow.
However if I had a choice I would much rather be chilling out on this.


This was a shot I took while in Southampton last month, I had to climb onto a wall and stand on top to get this shot, it’s an ‘ok’ shot, from a perspective you don’t always get to see.

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North Sea   6 comments

They managed to get me back on a helicopter and I’m back at work, been out in the North Sea since the 5th and we haven’t pulled an anchor yet!
It wasn’t a bad flight out to the rig, we got a fixed wing aircraft up to a place called Wick which is way up north near John O’groats, this meant the chopper ride was only 25 mins, also the chopper was new and had big windows which makes an easier escape route.
Not much really happens in the North Sea so I tend to only bring my little point & shoot. However we are close to a FPSO and a platform so thought I might get a shot to show you guys what goes on out here.
Here a tanker is coming in to unload the FPSO, the Maersk boat close by is there just incase and the other large boat is surveying the area.


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Bruges   22 comments

I’ll start today with some very sad news, Another Super Puma Helicopter ditched in the North Sea on Friday with 18 people onboard, 4 people were killed, the rest were rescued, my thoughts go out to all those involved, I was on a Super Puma myself last Monday, and I did not enjoy it one minute. There is a Face Book page Here which speaks for itself, if you have time please check it out and if you agree please like it.

Anyway, here are a few shots from Bruges taken at a happier time.

Brugge 201315-10-44_Snapseed

Brugge 201314-02-51_Snapseed

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iPhone Friday   15 comments

Getting off one rig and going straight out to another, wasn’t to bad, travelling all day, including two flights and a two hour train journey, wasn’t to bad, the taxi driver dropping us off at the gate and a half mile walk with bags to the rig, wasn’t to bad. Arriving as the base of the rig and seeing 157 steps to climb, with bags, in the dark, that was bad, I hate steps.


It didn’t look that bad from back here.


Looking from here I was hoping they would send the crane down, at least for our bags.


We managed the steps and after a safety brief made our way to our cabins, this rig is a Flotel, accommodation only, so it’s quiet and clean, even outside. At full capacity it can sleep around 350 people, but as we are moving it to a new location after a re-fit in Copenhagen there is only 52 of us onboard.

Here’s something I don’t get to see every day, a Maersk Supply boat having some work done in dry dock. Cool.


Have a great weekend.

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St. Magnus Cathedral, again.   17 comments








During the seventeenth century the population of Kirkwall was below 1500 and it was possible for rich families to be buried in the nave of the Cathedral. The nave aisles are lined with grave stones from this period.

This is the grave stone of Captain Peter Winchester. The English inscription states that he, his wife, and their 3 children are buried there.

The grave stone is framed by the common masonic motif of ionic columns. The columns are spiralled with vines and grapes feature on the frieze. The steep pediment is dated 1675 and is flanked by birds and topped with a thistle. ( you will have to take my word for that as I chopped it off in the photo).


Couldn’t get over the Masonry, the work that must have gone into this.




Rooms leading off to room, and more great Masonry.


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Old Doors   18 comments

I’ve calmed down from my rant yesterday and back to my chilled self, quick post today as I’m on my way out, these are a couple of shots I took while walking around Limassol in Southern Cyprus, unfortunately when I was there almost every road was being ripped up for some reason or another and there was a lot of the town I couldn’t get to, still what I saw was very nice.

There is a lot of shops like this, the doors get opened and the display set up and they sit and wait.



Other doors remain closed all day.

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Links   15 comments

It’s nice to be home again, it was a long day travelling yesterday but I did manage to get a great view of London getting ready for the Olympics as we flew into City Airport, which is only a hammer throw from where it all kicks off tonight.

Would like to say good luck to Gemma (my son’s girlfriend) who is dancing at the opening ceremony tonight. ‘Good luck’

I don’t know what today’s photo has to do with any of this, it was taken next to the rundown house so that is the only link I can think of.

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SS Stord I   15 comments

As we leave Bergen and head toward open water we pass a lot of vessels of different shapes and sizes, this one caught my eye, she is a Norwegian vintage steamship SS Stord I and was built as Stord in 1913 and has a bit of a history.

The vessel sailed in regular traffic from 1913 to 1969. Stord I is a typical representative of the local passenger steamers built for operating between Stavanger-Sunnhordland-Hardanger and Bergen.

In 1931, Stord I was rebuilt and modernised.

In 1949 she was again rebuilt as a motorship with the installation of two, 12-cylinder Paxman-Ricardo diesels.

In 1969 she was sold to Oslo Krets av det Blå Kors and renamed MV O T. Moe. She was berthed in Oslo as floating welfare centre for alcoholics.

In 1980 she was sold to Norsk Veteranskibsklub and transferred to Veteranskipslaget Fjordabåten, Bergen with a view to preservation. She was restored to 1931-condition, including the installation of engines from a 1942 steam-driven British vessel. Technical trials were run. Gutted by fire en route from Sunnhordland to Bergen on 20 May 1987.

The ship was again restored by Veteranskipslaget Fjordabåten.

Anyone notice the 3 people outside the house on the left waving at me.

Here is the same ship I managed to photograph over 40 years ago. (or just processed with Snapseed)

I couldn’t leave out the last house. Have a great weekend.

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Prom Night   12 comments

Friday night was my Son’s prom night. His all boy’s school joined up with the neighbouring all girls school for this one off get together. We couldn’t let them catch a bus or have mum or dad drop them off, can you image that, so we got them a Stretched Limo from Twin Wheels Limousine so they could arrive in style.

Here they are getting ready to leave, they look like something out of Ocean’s 11!

All smiles, must be the thought of the all girls waiting for them!.

A great night was had by all. A big thank you goes to all the staff that helped make the night such a memorable one!

Washed Up   9 comments

Back in Aasiaat which is located on an island in the outermost southern part of Disko Bay in a very beautiful archipelago area and it is often referred to as “the land of a thousand islands”. I only counted 984, but may have missed a couple.

I spotted this old fishing boat next to the rusty drums and liked the colours, I don’t know weather the boat is still used but did notice it’s still tied to a mooring, maybe thats just incase there is a very high tide.


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