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Off the Wall   2 comments

Israel, like many other countries has its troubles, this last set of photo’s shows the measures Israel has imposed. I have no opinion, I don’t know enough about it, and I don’t live there.

The Israel I’ve seen so far is a friendly, vibrant, fun place and the food is amazing. I’ll be back.

Enjoy, I’ll let you form your own opinion. But don’t knock it until you’ve been there. Have a great weekend.

Posted May 18, 2012 by rigmover in Jerusalem

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Old City 2   6 comments

Here is the second instalment from the Old City, I did warn you! Again, all processed with Snapseed .

The guy on the right is thinking ‘bloody tourist’ as after jogging down the hill I suddenly stopped, turned, took the shot and then ran on.

The ramps are for easy access, the person in the wheelchair lives half way up the hill, the person on the Unicycle lives at the top.

Another inside market, you see the numbers attached to the lights, thats their pitch marking. You do not want to setup in the wrong place like the guy on the left.

This is the Old Imperial Hotel. Built just inside Jaffa Gate, one of the entrances to the Old City. The new Imperial Hotel is on the other side of the gate.

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Old City 1   7 comments

Back in Jerusalem and walking through the Old City, we had a taxi driver as our guide and I think he thought that the more he showed us the bigger the tip. We didn’t stop, we ran here, we ran there, and taking photo’s was next to impossible. That is why todays pic’s are processed with Snapseed . Not only is Snapseed a great bit of software for your iPad and iPhone you can now get it for your Mac, it’s so easy to use and it hides any imperfections from taking photo’s on the run. (well thats my excuse). This is a series of Old City photo’s, there will be more tomorrow, You’ve been warned.

This photo was very busy on both sides with rubbish bins and motorbikes, cropping it just wasn’t enough.

This one I took on the run, it was quite dark inside, Snapseed really enhanced the celling and hides the fact it’s slightly out of focus.

Not much processing in this one, just a tint and a large frame. (best looked at on a dark background)

I know this won’t be to everybody’s taste, either way let me know what you think.

Coenaculum   4 comments

According to Christian tradition, this is the upper room in which Jesus and his disciples conducted the passover meal the ‘Last Supper’. The name of the hall-Coenaculum- comes from the latin word for dining room. The room of the last Supper was part of the ‘Holy Zion’ Church built in 390 C.E., and the Crusader church constructed on it’s ruins in the 12th Century. The room in it’s current shape was formed in the 14th Century and it preserves architectural and sculptural elements from the Crisader period. During the Ottoman rule it was converted into a mosque. The prayer niche (‘Mihrab’), dedicated to King David, was carved into the wall. (behind the Cat)

I processed this with Silver Efex Pro and also had to remove somebody from the far corner, which I’m not very good at. Hope you enjoy and please leave comments and/or suggestions.

Basilica 2   Leave a comment


Last couple from Jerusalem for now.  Although it was very busy and dark inside the Basilica I think I did ok capturing the dome of the rotunda in all its charm. It’s times like this I wish I carried a tripod.

Inside “The Tomb of Christ” this is at the head end of the tomb.


Posted April 26, 2012 by rigmover in Jerusalem

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Western Wall   4 comments

I was in Israel 2 months ago as part of a 4 man team to move a rig, we were based in Haifa and found out we had a day to ourselves so decided to hire a taxi and make our way to Jerusalem. Two hours later we were rushing though the market streets with our driver leading the way, after a quick security check we were lead into bright sunlight and in front of us was the Western Wall. The holiest site in judaism. Located in the old city, it sits on top of the Temple Mount. There is a tradition that Jews adhere to when visiting the Western Wall, prayers or notes are written on pieces of paper and pushed into cracks in the wall, its like giving them a direct line to the Big Man himself. (you can see this in the cracks at the bottom of the photo)

Posted April 24, 2012 by rigmover in Jerusalem

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