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Scotland from the Air   13 comments

A few more shots of the Scottish coast, it’s the first sight of land for most north sea workers after weeks at sea and although I can only speak for myself it’s always great to see, whether its like these shots or completely covered in snow it’s always a welcome sight.




My thoughts go out to the people of Glasgow after the police helicopter crash on Friday which sadly killed 9.

Posted December 2, 2013 by rigmover in Scotland

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Good News and Bad News   32 comments

First the good news, I’ve had another photo published in a magazine called Interactions, it’s a photo of Archie (my dog) with xmas socks on, which I had placed on my blog.


Now the bad news, I have been told by my employer that I cannot publish photos of rig’s, platforms, & AHV’s, basically anything to do with the offshore industry without prior consent from the owner, so as we know it is no-more!!!! I was thinking of changing it to or but thats just silly. So in the foreseeable future you will have to settle for photos of the sea and maybe the odd sunset, on which I’m sure you will get bored of very quickly.

I have a link to Interocean on my side bar, this is not the company I work for, Interocean use some of my photos on their web site.

This is very disappointing, as I’m sure I have passed on a little of what goes on out there, I have had some great feed back and I thank you all for that.


P.S. Don’t go to far will be back, in some form or another.

Posted November 8, 2013 by rigmover in My Work

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Coast   16 comments

I get to see the coast of Scotland from the air time and time again but I’m very rarely allowed to take photos of it. The other day was an exception.

It was a stunning day and the coast looked good, although saying that the coast always looks good when you haven’t seen any land for nearly four weeks.

Green on green.

Arctic lll & Coast15-57-03

Here are some ruins for you, I have know idea what they are but one day I will hire a car and drive up the coast to explore.

Arctic lll & Coast15-57-25

And I can’t not have a lighthouse in shots of the coast, unfortunately the angle was a bit steep and I couldn’t get away from the refection of my bright yellow survival suit.

Arctic lll & Coast15-55-40

Not bad I think considering I only have my small point & shoot camera. Have a great weekend.

Bruges   22 comments

I’ll start today with some very sad news, Another Super Puma Helicopter ditched in the North Sea on Friday with 18 people onboard, 4 people were killed, the rest were rescued, my thoughts go out to all those involved, I was on a Super Puma myself last Monday, and I did not enjoy it one minute. There is a Face Book page Here which speaks for itself, if you have time please check it out and if you agree please like it.

Anyway, here are a few shots from Bruges taken at a happier time.

Brugge 201315-10-44_Snapseed

Brugge 201314-02-51_Snapseed

Posted August 27, 2013 by rigmover in Brugge

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Flight Time   17 comments

Well it was bound to happen sooner or later! yes I’ve been called away to work, it’s only been 8 weeks at home, but I think the wife is happy to see the back of me!

I’m flying up to Aberdeen this afternoon, spend the night there and then off to Frankfurt, couple of hours in the bar, unless someone from work is reading this and then it’s a couple of hours reading the procedures, then a 4 hour flight to Israel.  One of two things can happen now, either I stagger off the plane after too many G&T’s and it’s straight onto a fast boat or Helicopter to the rig, nether is good with a sore head, or I jump off the plane after a good nights sleep (the good thing about business class) and meet our contact who points out there has been a delay and we’ll be in a hotel for a couple of days. But this never happens the other way around.

Anyway enough of my ramblings, the photo below was taken through a helicopter window  as we came in to land on the rig I will be spending the next 10 to 15 days or so on. Last time I was on this rig the internet was really bad so I apologize now if I don’t post, reply to twits, e-mails, and don’t get to look at your blogs.

P.S. I will put travel photo updates on Instagram @rigmover if anyone is interested.

Posted June 13, 2012 by rigmover in My Work

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Ice Watching   11 comments

What an eventful day yesterday, there I was all suited up in my survival gear waiting for our chopper to arrive, then we heard it was delayed (which happens) then we heard why. A helicopter has gone down. Hearing that hits you right in the gut, memories of 2009 come back when 16 people lost there live’s going home on a chopper. Then the news came in it had ditched and all 14 onboard were in a life raft, our chopper was the first on the scene and keeping an eye on until help arrived. Phew! All 14 were back on dry land later that day, well done to all involved in the rescue.

So what has this got to do with todays photo I hear you say? Not a lot really, its just this is my all time favourite photo and wanted to share, their might come a day when I can’t post.

Posted May 11, 2012 by rigmover in Greenland

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