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Well all good things must come to an end, We spent the last days cruising up and down the coast between Deep Bay and Jolly Harbour meeting some great people on the way, During one trip to Jolly Harbour we picked up my Son Sean and his Girlfriend Katie, they flew out from the UK to join us for my last ten days, later we ended up back at English Harbour where a couple of days later we said goodbye to Kate, Jordan and Matt, so sad to see them leave, and now i’ll have to make my own cocktails, and at least the bathroom is free of makeup, creams and hair products, (I don’t think you forgot anything Jordan!)

Sean and Katie on their own private beach.



Back in time for cocktails.



Leaving Deep Bay.



I spent 37 days on Kapowai, some feeling seasick, some feeling hungover but most feeling totally relaxed, safe and very well looked after, Thanks again to Sean & Lois.

Version 2


Jolly Harbour   6 comments

After the cultural visit to Nelson’s Dockyard we needed some fun time, by now Sean’s kids were onboard, they came out to surprise Lois for her birthday so with my nephew, niece and her boyfriend we headed up the coast to Jolly Harbour, this was only 90 minutes away so a nice short hop after the crossing.

Arriving at Jolly Harbour.



The berth was a bit tight but Sean made easy work getting Kapowai along side, we couldn’t of been any closer to the pub/restaurant unless we ran aground.


A short walk and we were at the beach, and not a bad one.


Atlantic Crossing Day 13   7 comments

N17º0’37.6992″  W61º46’59.0046″

Whoop whoop land at last, was that a nice sight or what?  We had the BBQ on the fly bridge all ready to go and some beers on ice (just a few) I even had a cigar ready, It was such a nice feeling lighting that.

Here was our first sighting of land just before sunset. The Island of Antigua to the right of the sun.


By the time we got to English Harbour it was pitch black and very hard to find an anchorage with enough room for Kapowai, keeping in mind anchor chain length, water depth and staying out of the shipping channel and away from other boats. However we did find one and dropped the anchor, phew G & T time.

This was the view in the morning.


After a leisurely breakfast, and the first one where you didn’t have to hold your plate down, we got Kapowai ‘Caribbean ready’ deck chairs out, snorkelling gear ready, ice maker working, suntan lotion to hand. A quick radio call to the harbour master and we were on our way to a berth.

Kapowai berthed along side, so nice to step onto dry land after so long at sea, I couldn’t have done it with better people on a better boat, big thanks to Sean & Lois and of course Kapowai.


Atlantic Crossing Day 12   14 comments

N17º15’26.0208″  W56º33’5.4648″

After not seeing a thing for 11 days, the last thing you want to see is a boat in trouble, this morning thats what we saw, to be fair it wasn’t really in trouble now but had been at some point, we first saw it off to starboard and made our way over to it, I grabbed my camera and went and stood on the bow, I took as many shots as I could trying to get a name and to see if there was any sign of life. Sean carefully manoeuvred Kapowai to within a few meters of the boat and blasted the horn, yeah scared the hell out of me. We watched and listened but there was no-one onboard. Rang it in on the sat phone to Antigua SAR and they told us the lone skipper had been picked up by a cargo ship on the 19th February – before we left the Canaries. Brings it home as to how dangerous this sailing can be, i’m glad I didn’t see this early on in the crossing. The boat is a Dufour 29 and I think the name is Masupa.


You can see the mast is gone and the sails are in the water, all the fenders are out so we were pretty sure a rescue had taken place. Hope all involved are safe and well.

Atlantic Crossing Day 11   2 comments

N17º41’25.5114″  W46º21’28.3068″

Still very little to see and not a lot to do either, except for the all important scrubbing of the decks and engine room checks.

Later we tried some trolling and despite keeping the speed up had three strikes and landed one Mahi-Mahi. Dinner that night, it was great.

Mahi-Mahi or common Dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus)






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Atlantic Crossing Day 8   6 comments

N19º14’57.7962″ W34º53’5.0748″

It took until day 8 before we saw anything again, and although nice, not very exciting. The first is a Parexocoetus bracxypterus or better know as a Flying Fish, these a great to see as they fly away from the bow or the ship but not as nice when the first job of the morning is to go around and pick up the dead and dying and throw them back overboard. Here is one that didn’t make it.


Flying fish are commercially fished in Japan, Vietnam, and China, I wonder where they put the nets, above or below the water.

The other visitor we got was this guy, Phaethon aethereus mesonauta or Red-Billed Tropicbird, very friendly, he would check us out as we sat on the fly bridge and then spend the next hour just circling the ship.


Friendly but kept his distant, luckily I had my zoom lens.






Atlantic Crossing Day 2   8 comments

N26º6’16.1748″  W19º28’45.7422″

There isn’t a lot to see out here, but most evenings just as the sun was setting we would be treated to a few visitors, here’s one of them, great to watch but hard to photograph.


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Atlantic Crossing Day 1   10 comments

N28º27’1.6848″   W16º14’51.2226″

Leaving Santa Cruz behind and heading toward open water, these were the last few shots of Tenerife, this is the Auditorio de Tenerife “Adán Martín”(formerly named, but still commonly referred to as, Auditorio de Tenerife), it was designed by architect Santiago Calatrava Valls.


It looks like a T-Rex claw to me. A nice shot of the old part of town, and as you can see it was 1520 local time.


Looking back.


Now most vessels use AIS (Automatic Identification System) it’s automatic tracking system used on ships and by vessel traffic services (VTS) for identifying and locating vessels by electronically exchanging data with other nearby ships, AIS base stations, and satellites. I set AIS up on my wife’s phone so she could see where we were at any given time, now people like to take photo’s of boats and upload them to AIS so folk can put a face to a name, so to speak, I phoned my wife from Kapowai as we left the port knowing it was the last time we would speak for at least two weeks. A few days later my wife sent me this photo, you can see me on the back deck talking to Jeanette on my phone, I’m sure if you zoom in you can see a tear, how spooky is that.

Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 10.25.47

Thanks to Ernst-Gert Schmidt, I hope you don’t mind me using your photo.


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Trip of a lifetime   15 comments

Since my accident I haven’t done a lot, not even blogged, two reasons really, not a lot to post about (I don’t get out much) and it hurts to type, but hey, i’ll grin and bare it.

When I did get out, I made the most of it, I flew to Tenerife on the 22nd of Feb to join my brother and his wife (Sean & Lois) and sail across the Atlantic, yeah you read that right, sail/cruise across the Atlantic on their boat Kapowai.

I arrived late that night and after a good sleep and last minute shopping in the morning we were off, no messing around, which was just as well, I may of got cold feet but luckily the shear scale of the crossing hadn’t sunk it. I took a photo every day with the GPS enabled on my camera and this is the result.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 17.51.58

It’s a well established route and before folk leave Santa Cruz a lot of them leave their mark. Unfortunately we didn’t have the time or the paint.


Leaving Santa Cruz and the last bit of land we will see for the next 13 and a half days.



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