My Gear

Now I travel more for fun than work I can carry what I like, although when travelling for work I always had a camera with me. On one particular jack-up, we were asked to turn over our mobile phone, which we did. While collecting the phone after the rig move I asked why we had to surrender our phones and the answer was ‘so we didn’t take photos on the rig’. Oops, I had just spent the last 3 weeks walking around with my Sony Nex 5 taking all sorts of snaps, I dont understand then why it was ok to take photos with my camera!

So what do I travel with now? I have a Peak Design Back pack which I love. I also have the Peak Design Capture Clip on one strap which again I love, I know my camera is secure and always in easy reach. My camera, a Sony A7rIV fits nicely into the Back Pack through the side compartment (when not on the clip) along with a Manfrotto Mini Tripod, camera charger, my Macbook Pro and a kindle. Two pair of foldup glasses, (just in case I lose a pair) my Air Pods are a must, various other bits like cleaning cloths and an air duster. Sometimes I have a small GPS on me, not just because I like my gagets but because I can add a waypoint and not have to worry about getting lost, One less thing to worry about.