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Hank. Pt.3   33 comments

We are on the final straight now, I decided to change the wheels to some more updated ones which are 5 stud, so rather than just get some 4 stud to 5 stud adaptors, I thought I would get completely new disc and drum brakes for Hank.

Here they are after my OCD with the paint can.



Now before I show you Hank almost finished and then complete, here’s a reminder of how he looked the day he arrived home.




And now, this is before the new wheels were added, straight out of the paint shop.



Check out those curves.




With the new wheels.



Thanks to Perry and his team for a stunning paint job, Thanks also to James my mechanic who went above and beyond the call to get my car finished in time for Carfest, Andy for the tyres, and all the guys at Coolair for all the parts.


Now the bad news.

Hank was finished a couple of weeks ago so I had a lot of fun driving him, then the wheels were added and he looked so cool, I was so happy I took him for a nice long drive, I stopped at Bluewater our local shopping centre and met my wife and our boys for lunch, then on the way home driving up the motorway Hanks engine gave up, and I don’t mean in a small way, he dropped a valve or something, but as I was doing about 70mph at the time the engine didn’t have a chance, so I have to apologise for letting everyone down that worked so hard on Hank, he will be back, but I have now started other jobs like my driveway and patio and summer house, so maybe next summer, it was fun while it lasted.

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Hank Pt.2   11 comments

While Perry my painter was busy sanding, sanding and doing a bit more sanding, I was still cleaning and painting parts, like these headlight mounts.


photo copy



And after.

First rubbed down to bare metal, etch primed, primed and then a few final coats of stone chip black, I also replaced all the screws with stainless steel.

photo copy 2


In fact every screw, washer, nut and bolt I could get off I replaced with stainless steel.

Even things like these drop spindles, these lower the front of the car by about 2″, know one will ever see these once on the car, unless it drives over you, but it had to be done.

After painstakingly masking up, these went through the same painting process as before.



photo copy


Meanwhile Perry was hard at it. Boot, bonnet, doors and some copper pipe! All getting some primer.



Hank himself was starting to look pretty good too.



Hank. pt. 1   11 comments

Any idea what this is?


No! me neither, but it was one of hundreds of parts given to me from my painter, after stripping down Hank I was given boxes of bits to strip down, sand, scrub, polish, paint and put back together. Some bits I even put in the dishwasher while the wife was out.

Here it is after.


Now a lot of these bits I will never see again, but thats ok, I know it’s been done and thats all that counts.

Now a few shots of Hank getting undressed.


After all the shinny bits were removed it was time for the old paint to come off, this is the time you find out if you have brought a lemon or not, and after buying the car blind, as in, I only saw photo’s before parting with my hard earned. I was feeling a bit nervous, but I trusted Mick (the guy I got Hank from) and he was exactly as Mick had said, one very original solid car. Thanks Mick.


And what was left of the paint.


Hank Update   22 comments

Hi all, now I’m back onshore it’s time to work on Hank, things are going pretty quick, this was Hank a couple of days ago.

Stripped down and ready for the final push.




A few days after that.




Perry my painter has been doing all the hard work, I’ve spent my time cleaning parts, giving them a wire brush and a coat of paint, even parts that will never be seen I’m taking the time to clean and protect.

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Hank Update   9 comments

I didn’t get around to posting an iPhone Friday yesterday so thought I would do a iPhone post today combined with a Hank update, there isn’t a great deal to see as most of the work has been carried out under Hank, things like new adjustable suspension all round, drop spindles fitted on the front, lowering the car by 2 1/2″ , rubber bumpstops and new gators fitted all over the place.

Here’s the bits you can see.

New Stainless steel front bumper and clear indicator lens.




New rear stainless steel rear bumper and rear light lens, these and the front bumpers will be coming off when Hank goes into paint but would rather make sure they fit now then when he’s got fresh paint.




New steering wheel and a Gene Burg gear shifter.




Have a great weekend.

Hank   27 comments

Morning all, I thought I would introduce you to my other passion, as you may of read in my last post, I’m a bit of a petrol head, or maybe I should say a bit of a frustrated petrol head, see I love cars, love working on them, would love to restore one, love everything about them, the trouble is I don’t have a garage, well not one big enough to hold a car, so it makes it very difficult to work on it, I have however spent the weekend turning my small garage into a workshop, and i’m really pleased with the result. So now when the weather is warmer and it stops raining I can drive the car up to the workshop and work on it, albeit still outside but better than not being able to work on it at all.

Now I suppose you would like to see my pride and joy.

It’s a 1969 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, imported from sunny California, this is it as I purchased it just over a month ago.




As I work on “Hank”(thanks to my wife) I’ll post more shots, I will be showing Hank at Carfest in August this year.

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