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Another industrial night scene for you, (well dusk anyway) this one is in Amsterdam, the vessel at the bottom of photo is the Sirius, a Greenpeace ship, just chilling out until they go and do their thing.

I like the way it’s very industrial with the cranes and jack-up, a container ship sailing out to open sea and the lone wind turbine as if to say, “Hey look we are Green”.



Posted November 14, 2013 by rigmover in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam HDR   25 comments

I’m back on dry land after 14 days at sea, it was a good rig move, all went well and nobody got hurt.

This shot is from a rig move I was part of, starting in Amsterdam, we had a couple of days before we left and found this really nice steak house, we would order beers and steak and sit outside and watch the world go by, mainly on boats and bicycles, very relaxing.

Have a great weekend.

I’m having some problems with WordPress at the moment, I find I’m having to log on each and every time I wish to comment or ‘like’ on anyones blog, this gets really annoying after a while, so if I don’t comment I’m sorry and I hope they sort it out soon, I have contacted them and each time I do the responses I get is always the same, “turn on cookies” which I have done but its still the same but with the added hassle of around 40 spams a day.


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War & Peace   14 comments

Last week in Amsterdam I stayed in a Hotel moored in the harbour before joining the rig, the view out of one window was this Ex-Russian submarine 4711 (Zulu V Class Submarine B-80, project 611) It use to be a Museum ship in the Dutch Navy port of Den Helder. It was brought to the Netherlands by submarine enthusiasts. Exploitation was probably to expensive and the submarine was sold and is now in use as an occasional party location. Unfortunately  the interior was dismantled and all original instruments were taken out to make room for it’s new purpose.



The view out my other window was this, The MV Sirius is a Greenpeace ship named after the star Sirius. The Sirius was built with modern specifications at the Boele shipyard in the Netherlands in 1950 as one of 7 pilot vessels. The ship, originally owned by the Royal Dutch Navy, was sold to Greenpeace during 1981 while in dry dock. The ship was refitted, repaired, and repainted. It took ten weeks to paint her. The ship’s colour scheme was soon changed to a green hull and rainbow colours and a white dove of peace with an olive branch was painted on the bow. Sirius was refitted with more modern navigation systems, communication equipment, lifeboats, and rafts. The pantries were turned into outdoor engine rooms and the mess room became a storage room.

iPhone Friday   16 comments

Just a quick collection from my recent Amsterdam visit. All photo’s taken with my iPhone 4 and processed with Camera+

One of the dock side cranes, not sure how old this is, but love the round concrete counter-weights.



Something you see a lot in Amsterdam.



A very cool car.



At last on the way home.

Thrusters   8 comments


This is the jackup that was berthed next to us in Amsterdam, it’s a Jackup barge, properly built for wind farm installation, like the one I’m on, this is a DP2 class barge, DP (Dynamic Positioning) users GPS satellites to get a position and large thrusters to stay on that location, it’s accurate to about 10cm. Here is a shot of the complete barge taken from ours, in the shadow of our helideck is their bow (pointy bit on a boat) and you can just make out the bow thrusters.


Here is a closer look at the thrusters, as you can see these are lowered at the moment, in this position they can swivel 360 degrees giving great movability, when in transit the thrusters are raised for less water resistance, but the clever bit is the big holes, this is so when the thrusters are up they can still be used, by switching the large electric motors from forward to reverse the position of the bow can be moved in any direction.


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iPhone Friday   12 comments

For the last couple of days I’ve been having to sit outside on the stairs and connect to the wifi from the rig parked next to us, it was very slow and would not let me view some sites, so sorry if I haven’t been to yours lately. The thing is, I move rigs right, so when I join the rig it’s going to be moving, this normally means it’s going from one client to another, it’s seem really daft but when one client leaves they take everything with them, this includes the wifi, that’s why I sometimes don’t post, because I can’t. Now you know.

This is the thing I’ll be moving tomorrow morning, is it a boat or a rig? Well it sails out to location under its own steam, then once on location it lowers its legs and lifts itself out of the water, cool ah.


This is the one next to us, the one I’ve been stealing the wifi from. There has always been a problem with jackup’s, the legs get in the way of the cranes. But this is really cool, they have built the crane around the leg. (that’s the large round black thing with red and white on the top) I think that is an awesome bit of engineering, but then I’m strange.


Here is the same smoke stack as the Amsterdam post, but first thing this morning, not a breath of wind, you might have seen it on Instagram if you follow me, @rigmover


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Amsterdam   18 comments

Made it to Amsterdam at last, just in time for the sunset, as you can see I’m staying in one of the better hotels with a stunning views. Now most of you will think I’m joking, but no, this is me, I love this sort of view, industry, things happening,toxic fumes. Ok maybe not the toxic fumes, in fact that’s only steam.
On holiday give me the beautiful sunset but when I’m in work mode, I’ll go for this everyday.


Posted August 9, 2012 by rigmover in Amsterdam

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