Author: rigmover


Colourful Homes

Luckily I had my camera with me so off I went, I had a wander around places I could go and then places I probably shouldn’t go, but no one was around and all the signs were in Norwegian.


Thames Barrier

The concept of the rotating gates was devised by (Reginald) Charles Draper. In 1969, from his parents’ house in Pellatt Grove, Wood Green, London, he constructed a working model. The novel rotating cylinders were based on the design of the taps on his gas cooker.

Pacific Crossing

Leaving Suva

We left at some unearthly hour of the morning but luckily my job was to lift the anchor, then using a very powerful torch, look out for all the fishing boats that were anchored all around us.

Pacific Crossing


On this day I was glad I didn’t carry my big camera, hours later after once the admin was done we found an indoor market, it was so nice to get out of the heat, I grabbed a couple of shots with my iPhone.