Greenwich Peninsula

Now i’m back home things have calmed down and the excitement of the Atlantic crossing are but just a memory, It’s holiday time now and my two boys are both home, one from university and one from school.

Now all the separate breaks are over we decided to spend a day together, we didn’t want to go far and my wife didn’t fancy driving so we jumped on a bus and headed down to Greenwich.

Some local old buildings and boats.


Here you can see the old working docks, now nice flats. You can just make out ‘The Emirates Air Line’ or cable car to most of us, and ‘The O2’ the Dome.


The O2 from the cable car. You can also see the walkway over the dome, My wife and boys walked over this later, I couldn’t due to my arms not having the strength to pull me along.


Looking back at the cable car from the top of the dome.


Another view towards the city.


There is a lot of building work going on in the area and a lot of waste land, one great use of waste land, build a golf driving range, a very nice place but £5.00 for a glass of coke poured out of a £1.20 bottle into a plastic glass was a bit excessive.


There are loads of restaurants and bars in the O2 so its a great place to finish up and if no big event is on its not busy at all.


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