Deal is a town on the south east coast of England, we have been spending a bit of time down there as it is close to our holiday home it’s a really nice place and well worth a visit.

Great pubs.




Neat streets.



And folk with a sense of humour.



19 comments on “A Good Deal

  1. What an attractive looking place. The hanging baskets and tubs are magnificent. How are doing now, by the way? I hope you’re all healed up.


  2. A quiet area and sometimes decorated !! great place


  3. You never disappoint with your images. I really like the one with the flowers but the second and third one make me want to hop a plane to visit Deal, to round the curve in the road to see what site awaits me. Thanks for sharing.
    nancy a homegrown Texan (US).


  4. What a beautiful and charming town! I love the signs and I would of course follow the cocktails, cake, etc.


  5. Turn left at the sign…it is the only way to go.


  6. The sign on the left made my day! Beautiful hanging baskets


  7. what a beauty 🙂


  8. Great Deal! Love it


  9. I love all those flowers! But what a job watering them all:)


  10. Missed loads of posts being distracted by my work – Merry Christmas


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