Hi, I’m Chris, Marks nephew. Seeing as he is currently disabled I thought I would give this blogging thing a try.
A bit about me, I am one of the Second Officer’s on an Anchor Handling tug called Loke Viking. I have been working onboard Loke for 2 years now and love every minute of it.
We recently sailed to a very small town in the southern part of Norway called Flekkefjord. We arrived around lunch time and headed for our berth in the middle of the town. The town its self is about 10-15 miles in land, so we had to sail through a narrow Fjord to get there. Some of the views on the way up the fjord were spectacular.
Flekkefjord its self is a lovely little town with a lot of very traditional Norwegian wooden houses.
We were told by the ships agent who was local to the area that there was going to be a celebration tonight called Midsummer festival. Midsummer is a very popular thing in Scandinavia with some Swedish people going as far as to say it is a bigger holiday than Christmas. Well in Fekkefjord they did it a bit different from everyone else and in the middle of the harbour was a floating barge pilled with wood that they intended on lighting, and then circling with their small boats.

12 comments on “Flekkefjord.

  1. Thanks for continuing the blogs. Nice work. Best wishes to your uncle.


  2. A great atmosphere around the fjord !! I ‘appreciate the last photo in low evening light !!


  3. Nice to meet you, Chris. I hope Uncle Mark’s mending well. These photos are beautiful, Norway is such an attractive country and it was great that you got to witness the Midsummer festival.


    • Thank you, i love traveling around Norway. Midsummer is such a great time to be in Anywhere in Scandinavia, I highly recommend it


  4. Goog idea Chris, however the reason is less nice.
    Tell Mark you’re doing a louzy job as a ghost writer but for the moment you’re excused 😉
    Greetings and best wishes to Mark from Dalmatia.

    PS, nice pics, good story.


    • Yeah they are pretty big shoes to fill but I will give it a good try. Thanks you


  5. Beautiful pictures Chris! Tell your Uncle to rest, the blog is in very good hands!


  6. beautiful photos of a beautiful place. I would like to visit Sweden one day! 🙂


  7. that is beautiful 🙂


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