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Iphone Friday

I haven’t done an iPhone post for a while, mainly because I forget my phone is a camera, I know this sounds strange but when I have a camera around my neck I just don’t even think about my phone/camera, so to get around this I left my camera at home last weekend while I was in Malta.

So here’s a bit of Malta on an iPhone.

Malta Street

And of course doors, I can’t walk pass door with character without taking a snap.


Have a great weekend.

16 comments on “Iphone Friday

  1. Great shots Mark. Funny that happens to me too. When I’m lugging around my big camera I forget about my iPhone 🙂


  2. You made my day by sharing these photos. Thanks.


  3. Great shots of a great place. Lived there for two years as a kid – very fond memories of an idyllic island.


  4. From rustic to elegant. I love doors and windows. I forget the iPhone, too, and they take great pictures.


  5. gorgeous doors 🙂


  6. Wonderful street scene and such colourful doors.


  7. Interesting as always.


  8. Always love your windows on world “Door” pics…


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