Last November we towed a rig from Morocco to Tenerife, last time I was in Tenerife it was the middle of summer and I never got to see the island from the sea, it make a nice change to arrive in the winter months and approach from the sea, you get a whole new perspective. We anchored just off Santa Cruz on the South East tip of the island where it is alway lush and green as these shots show.


Another small village, either one I would move to if I could.


11 comments on “Tenerife

  1. Hello
    My god!! The landscape est wonderful!
    Have a nice day


  2. Nancy Pryor

    How interesting! My first thought is that the village/town is secure and tucked away from the problems and stresses of the world when in reality they probably have their own set of worries unique to their location.
    Thanks for sharing the world you travel.


  3. Funny thing you’re mentioning Tenerife now. I just got back from a trip there last night. Beautiful reminder. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Nice Pics not what I imagined.


  5. that is superb 🙂


  6. What a beautiful place!


  7. How beautiful! I could easily move there too!.


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