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The Vikings Are Back

I haven’t worked with the Viking boats for a while and to make up for it we had three of them on my last rig move.

The Brage Viking here picking up 4 buoys, these were used to hold the Rigs anchor wire up above assets on the seabed, such as gas or oil pipelines.





This one is the Loke Viking, my Nephew works on here but wasn’t working on this shift, he was chilling in NZ, lucky sod.



Last but defiantly not least is the Odin Viking, here I have zoomed in on the 40 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE painted on the bulkhead, these guys don’t stay in this business for that amount of time if they are ‘ok’ or ‘mediocre’ they have to be the best, and a couple of days after I took this photo this boat showed us why they are the best.

Lives saved and environmental disaster avoided thanks to the Odin Viking, more in Fridays post.



7 comments on “The Vikings Are Back

  1. I just love learning about what you do and seeing things I would never be able to see if it wasn’t for you and your camera! Thank you Mark!


  2. Awesome. As big as they are, they are still only specs in the ocean.


  3. Sandy Broom

    Great photos! Doing what we do best.


  4. I like seeing these come in to Aberdeen as they stand out like a sore thumb but to get some shots from above that would be superb. nice stuff Rigmover. Are they not being so daft about permissions to publish currently? I mean I expect it is good marketing for them.


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