Morocco from the Air

Carrying on with my ‘from the air theme’. This time as the title says its Morocco, for the first 10 minutes over land I didn’t think I would get a single shot with the cloud cover being so thick, but lucky for me as we got closer to town the cloud thinned and then disappeared altogether.

This had been my home for the last 17 days, great crew and a very successful rig move.




Making the most out of this harsh dry land. Fancy an apartment by the beach like this?



Of course if you have access to water it makes all the difference.



Even on a small scale.



Being close to a river will always help.



Or just stick to Goats and trees.




5 comments on “Morocco from the Air

  1. These are some amazing images… especially the 3rd and 4th ones 🙂

    It’s so difficult to spot the “The apartment by the beach”, right? Well captured 🙂


  2. Great aerial shots. Quite a contrast going on .l


  3. Great commentary with your wonderful pictures. Wait, I think I have sand in my eye just looking at your photos!


  4. it is always so cool to see all this 🙂


  5. These are all well seen especially like the third shot showing life due to water surrounded by dessert.


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