After Malta comes Gibraltar, well in my case it does, after we pulled all nine anchors in Malta, the rig sailed on it’s way with the help of two AHV’s. At a wind in your hair speed of around 3 knots there wasn’t much point in staying onboard, as we were not needed. After taking the ‘Malta from the Air’ photos we found ourselves in a rather nice hotel on the beach, finding the one and only shop that sold swimming shorts and buying a pair of the loudest ones we headed for the beach.

Early morning flight back to the UK, home for a week and then back to join the rig in Gibraltar.


For those who don’t know, Gibraltar is still part of the UK and on the other side of the runway (middle left) is Spain, you actually drive across the runway to get to either side, lights change to red, you stop, plane lands, lights change to green norman business resumes.

Of course you can’t go to Gibraltar without going up the rock, last time I was here my son and I walked up to the top, along the top of a crumbling wall, once at the top and the mist cleared we realised there was a cable car and a road, I didn’t make the same mistake this time, straight to the cable car, once on top you are met by one of the locals.



I did however give myself a challenge coming down, I first walked up to the Mediterranean steps and once found them decided to brave the walk down, now you may think walking down is the easy bit and for some it would be, but I’m old, unfit and have an old rugby injury, so two and a half hours later I finally made it down, it was worth the sunburn and my left knee swelling to twice the size, but next time i’ll walk up them.


13 comments on “Gibraltar

  1. WOW…amazing Mark. Great shots.


  2. great photos! I was in the shipyard there for over a month, never even knew about those stairs. The apes did get me tho, stole my camera but I got it back when they found they couldn’t eat it. 🙂


  3. I don’t think I have ever seen a photo of the rock, let alone the stairs. I am sure an Adult Beverage a after walking down the stairs helped the knee pain. Thanks for posting.


  4. What a beautiful place! Love experiencing your trips through your images!


  5. spectacular 🙂


  6. Seeing the post is perfect timing for me! We were just in Marbella, up the Spanish coast from Gibraltar. We only had a week, and it would have taken too long to make the trip down “just” to cross the runway and say we’d been there. (This time. If there’s ever a second chance, we’ll do it!)

    I remember the first time I climbed a local Norwegian mountain. I was so tired by the time I got to the top, and was relieved the trip down would be easier. And then I learned the awful truth: down is way more difficult. 🙂 Like you, I won’t make that mistake again either.

    Such inspiring photos!


  7. Mark, we haven’t yet been to Gibraltar, but the primates seem to be just as much of a draw as the mighty rock! 🙂


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