Still trying to get my head around Lightroom 5 so haven’t posted for a while, still not completely sold on it, it’s good, but i’m not.

I like the lens correction feature when you can alter the perspective of the shot to make it look like you were standing more in front of the subject rather than below it, and of course the level feature, even though I have a level in my view finder I still have trouble getting a level shot, although I think this was down to to many Painkillers, that’s the drink not the pills.

And if you fancy one yourself here is how to make it.

Painkiller is a rum cocktail trademarked by Pusser’s Rum, their signature drink. The Painkiller® is a blend of Pusser’s Rum with 4 parts pineapple juice, 1 part cream of coconut and 1 part orange juice, well shaken and served over the rocks with a generous amount of fresh nutmeg on top. It may be made with either two, three or four ounces of Pusser’s dark rum.







19 comments on “Painkillers

  1. Think there are worse places to fight hangovers with painkillers 🙂
    Anyway, all the technical stuff(lens corrections) I gladly leave to you, as the result as always iis great.
    Besides Marc, do change “svinisceandmore” in your list into “” as that’s where I manage to blog frequently.

    Cheers from Dalmatia, Pim.


  2. Excellent shots Mark. I love LR5 and found Scott Kelby’s book excellent when I was learning how to use it.


  3. fabulous splash of colour – stick with Lightroom a penny will drop and you wonder how you didn’t use it – If you have Photoshop CC the RAW Filter works on a similar basis – I found the Cloud YouTube video lessons really helpful for stuff I didn’t understand – and finally just wack a few sliders and see what happens 🙂


  4. Of course I do provide one on one tuition Mastercard and VISA accepted ha ha


  5. Love these images! My favorite is the three windows! Pour me a Painkiller!


  6. Wonderfully vivid photos. Have a painkiller for me!


  7. loved those colors 🙂


  8. Brilliant colors! Since you’re in the neighborhood, try the Painkillers at the Soggy Dollar or One Love Bar on Jost Van Dyke…there are also some brilliant photos to be taken there. I only drink rum in the islands…


  9. I agree, superb colours. I’ve never tried Lightroom. All my work is in Photoshop and I get the results I like. So…if it aint broke…


  10. nice shots (painkillers too). I have LR5 too and still don’t use very many of the options. Lately haven’t had time to mess with editing at all, all my uploaded photos have been straight from the camera.


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