Misty Light

After a very long rig move starting in Norway and ending in Invergordon with cruising around the North Sea in between, I’ve finally managed to get in front on my mac and post, I’m having a bit of bloggers block at the moment, of course I’m still snapping away but because of my restrictions I can’t post any of them, unless of course I work again with the Viking ships.

Another great company Transocean Aberdeen has given me the permission to post about them as long as I get the ok from head office, but as yet I haven’t had a reply from them.

Anyway back to Norway, a country that is stunning in so many ways, after my last post through a taxi window I thought I would do better this time, sailing out through the Fjords I was sure I would get some decent shots, instead we got fog, nothing but damp think fog, and when it did finally clear it was the middle of the night, the next morning it was clear blue sky but nothing to see but sea.

So this was all I could manage.


24 comments on “Misty Light

  1. Beautiful image… 5-6-7 layers of hills…

    Great use of light and beautiful composition 🙂


  2. nice shot! Too bad they won’t let you post. Is it only if you’re posting about them? Or they just don’t allow it at all? I don’t see how they can keep you from posting about things that don’t have anything to do with them.


    • There are worried they might get into trouble somehow, even though I have never mentioned who I work for, and I never will. It’s a shame because I always write positive stuff.


      • that’s too bad. I never write much specific about who I’m working for, at least not anything to do with the job we’re on. Not that would hurt the companies. I do think we should not have to give up ALL of our rights just because we happen to work for a living!


      • Very true.


  3. Gorgeous Mark. I love it!


  4. Beautiful image Mark.Lots of background layers. Sorry your hands are tied as to content and photos.Hope it changes for you.


  5. anitanola

    Beautiful ombrĂ© color as life imitates art here–or is it the other way ’round?


  6. beautiful and the mood is nice 🙂


  7. Just beautiful!!


  8. Beautiful image Mark! Shot the fog! It’s moody and I know you will capture stunning images.


  9. That might have been “all you could manage,” but it’s a spectacular combination of perspective, color, and subject!


  10. Zur richtigen Zeit, am richtigen Ort. Wunderbar. Gratulation! GrĂĽĂźe, Ernestus.


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