When I get back from a Rig move, I normally say how well it went and how hard I worked 😉 but on this occasion I can’t do either, it was one of those, ‘quick get out there as soon as you can jobs’ which isn’t uncommon in this line of work. For some of us only a couple of hours notice and we were on our way, the three of us met up at Heathrow terminal five and after some breakfast we were on a plane to Bergen in Norway. An hour long taxi ride through tunnels and over a bridge we arrived at the Rig, once dressed in full PPE we climbed the 87 steps up the leg, luckily our bags were craned up, once we got our breath back and were assigned our cabins we went to mob our equipment to find out it was all ready to go, all we did was turn it on and do all our checks, what a result!

The time for the move to start came and went several times in the next week until we were told it wasn’t going to happen and we could all go home, a bit disappointed but if you are going to spend a week chilling on a Rig, you can’t beat Norway. I even managed to get a few photos out of the window of the taxi on the way back to the airport.

Have a great weekend.

Borgholm Dolphin11-45-32


Borgholm Dolphin11-59-24


Borgholm Dolphin12-00-54

26 comments on “Chilling

  1. Looks like “just another day in the office”.
    Ok, the office was in Norway, you had to fly in (and out), and at arrival the office was “closed”.
    You’re starting to behave like Japanese tourists, fly in, take some pictures for home, and fly out again 🙂
    All right, so this was Norway 🙂


  2. Wonderful post! Your words and photographs compliment themselves very well and really make for a beautiful post! Thanks much for sharing!


  3. Lovely! It’s not a bad job you’ve got there, if you can handle the stress of last minute call outs.


  4. you have to take the rough with smooth 😉


  5. All the mages are beautiful but I particularly like the second one with the different hues of green and brown and then the yellow/gold door of the shack to brighten it all up. Aw, that shack would be a mansion for my getaway if it was mine. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Nancy Pryor

    This guy gives is the one that works moving rigs and then anchoring them. He always explains his photos or gives a mini explanation to them. About six months ago he got in trouble with one for the rig companies for actually showing the rig and how it works. Now he only shows photos of nearby things. If you look h his menu on the left you might be able to find the photos he took of harnessing an iceberg and moving it and how it’s done. It was in the way of a rig they needed to tow and anchor. A lot of his photos are with his phone.

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  7. Glad to hear you enjoyed my country, bet you had some nice meals at that rig to!


  8. Wow… beautiful images with great color contrasts 🙂


  9. Nice pics. 🙂 don’t work to hard.


  10. What a stunning location to be holed up in 🙂


  11. anitanola

    That’s classic “Hurry up and wait!” Impressive pictures, as always. Norway is so very watery and doubtless cold but some truly beautiful views, as well. Thank you for sharing your travels with us. I’m wondering if Hank will get another chance this summer. Such a beautiful car. Did it end up being that stunning silver colored paint job? I can’t seem to find the post with the color choice. I look forward to whatever you choose to post. Your photos of Norway sent me to Google street view to look at the museum and a park opposite in Bergen. It’s armchair travel therapy for me.


  12. loved the first one 🙂


  13. Not all wasted then! 🙂 Lovely shots.


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