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I have two bits of great news, the first is I’ve had another photo published in the ‘2014 Supplement to OE in partnership with NCE Subsea‘ magazine, it’s this photo.

The other great news is Viking Supply Ships have given me permission to publish on my blog, photos of their vessels, and what great vessels they are, take this one for example, this is the Balder Viking, it’s class DNV 1A1 ICE-10 ICEBREAKER with a 202 tonne bollard pull, yeah an icebreaker, that is so cool. Not only does the paint job make them stand out so does their professionalism, from the Master down they work like a well oiled machine, watching the deck crew work from above is like watching ants, and each ant knows exactly what they are suppose to do and when they are to do it, it can be a dangerous place on the deck of an AHV but safety always comes first.

Balder Viking


Here the Balder Viking is circling an iceberg getting ready to tow it out of harms way, the vessel I was on was not an icebreaker and boy was I glad the Balder was around.


This is the Magne Viking, it is 85m in length with a 225 tonne bollard pull, it’s 11 year newer than the Balder, again great crew all round with safety top priority.

Magne Viking


Thanks again to Viking Supply Ships.


23 comments on “Vikings

  1. That’s what I call GREAT NEWS Mark !
    Beautiful ships, fantastic jobs, great professionals !
    Greetings from Dalmatia, and…see, for an amazing discovery.


  2. Nice ships! Nice photos! Congrats on having them published. That’s fantastic.


  3. Congratulations, Mark, and good on Viking Supply Ships.


  4. That’s awesome, congrats!


  5. Well done, Mark. Am happy for you. Great photos and description. It’s also great to hear praise for a team of people who obviously have pride and commitment to their work.


  6. great to be published – gives a real buzz – congratulations Rigmover


  7. Great news on both counts. Well done.


  8. Great photos, as usual. Kudos! Viking Supply Ships is acting wisely.


  9. that’s cool and congratulations 🙂


  10. Congratulations Mark! Well deserved! Love the info on the viking ships. They are so cool!


  11. That is a stunning shot and deserves every accolade Mark!! Congratulations! Love the ‘Vikings’ too.


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