Birds on the Beach

Just got back from another successful rig move, this one was a Jack-up out from Norwich, it first tried to move early January but could not due to the weather, after another two attempts failed due to weather again we finally got the weather window we needed, once the legs were up and water tight integrity confirmed we were on our way, a two day tow and we were at the standby location, a couple of days WOW (Waiting On Weather) here until another weather window saw us move to final location, we used sonar and GPS to locate our exact position and pinned the legs onto the three pre-installed gravel mats, three days of pre-load, this is filling the hull with water when it is a couple of feet out of the water so we get maximum weight on each leg, once happy we lift the rig to its working height, jump on a helicopter and are home for tea and biscuits.

Now I suppose you want some photos of it, sorry but due to restrictions imposed by my employer I can’t, but I am working on it.

However here are some from the British Virgin Islands, a wildlife theme this time.










18 comments on “Birds on the Beach

  1. Welcome back! I was hoping for more photos from the BVI, that second bird is amazing.


  2. Wonder where those birds in the last picture were nesting 🙂
    We see lots of them here, but only in summer, which luckily lasts from April till October.
    And serious, we’ve got a lot of different birds here, of which the “hop” (upopa epops) is my absolute personal favourite .
    Not easy to spot, but when you see them, you know the eco system is pristine and unspoiled.
    Keep moving, cheers, Pim.

    If you need help convincing your superiors, I gladly send them a kind request.
    Your posts show no company secrets, but connect people to a special kind of work, done by splendid people with superior equipment.
    Something to be proud of !!!


  3. Wonderful images. The second bird image is tact sharp. Well done.


  4. Nancy (US)

    Aw, birding, one of my passions in my now older years. I just returned from Russia a few days ago but was unable to capture only a bird or two on on photo, mainly because of my limited quick skills in photography. Thanks for sharing these images.


  5. Great images Mark! Love the pelican!


  6. If I comment here – i’ll get in trouble from my other half ha ha


  7. foto molto spettacolari


  8. A wonderful set, Mark. Love the blue pelican capture, and the second one – beautiful detail!


  9. Love your pictures! Especially the first 2! The colors of the one with the bird are amazing!


  10. I enjoy seeing bird images … so many different varieties from around the world, all visible on my computer screen in my little part of the world. Gorgeous! I’ll let your other commenters make their observations about the last one. 🙂


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