Well what can I say, two weeks in paradise, Thanks to both of you is a good start (you know who you are).

Paradise is an understatement I think, not only does the BVI  look fantastic, the people are great, the food is great, the snorkelling is great and the sailing is great, did I mention the food? Shopping is not great, which is why I liked it so much, I hate shopping. Oh and the rum cocktails are to die for. Beaches are ok if not a little crowded, I mean check this one out.




We did have the odd day that reminded us of home. When the rain came it was torrential but only lasted a couple of minutes, not even worth getting out of the pool for.



Nights were cool and peaceful, the only problem I had was sleeping with all the doors open and the light of the moon keeping me awake.


29 comments on “BVI

  1. Wow! Not too bad a job, that. I would love to be on that beach right now, instead of which I’m in Scotland watching the rain blowing about outside under a grey sky. Still, I can dream. Excellent photos, thanks for transporting me.


  2. Stunning images… 🙂

    My pick is the third one and the other two are not at all far behind 🙂


  3. Oh I’m jealous. Looks gorgeous.


  4. Photos EXCELLENT, nothing less !!!
    Wonder if there were any bugs, mosquitoes, as those little pests always pick the best places 🙂
    Up to the next (post, story, pictures, holidays).
    Cheers from rainy, windy Dalmatia, Pim.


  5. Such problems you had with the crowding and moonlit nights! I do know what you mean about not bothering to get out of the pool. Even here in the sub-subtropics we have that sudden short rain that might be pleasantly cool but never cold. It was one of the first things I loved about New Orleans. Most of the time you can take off your shoes if you’re out in it and otherwise just ignore it and it will soon go away. As you were already in the pool, you didn’t even need to protect your shoes! These are gorgeous pictures, thank you so much. Now we can all dream of beautiful beaches and tropical moonlight, thanks to you.


  6. Postcard perfect!


  7. MaldivesDreamer

    Gorgeous!! 🙂


  8. In 2012 we spent three weeks in the Virgin Islands. It was a perfect winter getaway. I wrote about our trip in my blog post called Painkillers. Hope you’re still enjoying the sun.


  9. Wow! What a fantastic place!! Need to include these Islands in my wish list!!


  10. Una Serie Preciosa, Muy Buena,… La Fotografía De La Lluvia Es Preciosa… Me Encanta. Un Saludo.


  11. The BVI is the best! Did you get to Jost Van Dyke? Foxy’s, Soggy Dollar, Wendell’s World, One Love Bar? Best lobstering I’ve ever done.


  12. Of course the beach is lovely but that rain shot is a cracker and I also like the night time shot also – but getting back to the rain shot it’s a pity it wasn’t framed to include the right edge of the seat – but the rain movement makes it worth a second look


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