A New Year

I’m back, another successful rig move under the belt, all went to plan and nobody got hurt. We towed the rig into Limassol in Cyprus where we moored it and left it for our last time.



We then joined this boat to go and recover a couple of anchors we had to leave behind, the idea was to recover these anchors in a different way due to assets on the seabed, this operation again all went to plan.



Once all anchors were recovered we headed back to Limassol, looks like someone has been having a bit of fun with the sea break.


12 comments on “A New Year

  1. Congratulations on a job well done. Not a bad gig in January, Cyprus.


  2. Very cool process. Lucky you…I assume you missed all the cold weather 🙂


  3. Nancy pryor

    Glad to have my professor back with his educational, interesting class complete with images. Thanks and happy new year to you and your family.


  4. What a fantastic picture of the boat! I love the perspective!


  5. Great to see you back here with some nice images… 🙂


  6. that is really massive 🙂


  7. Limassol god that takes me back – I was there in 83 during the Beruit crises with the RAF – 16 weeks what could I do – ha ha


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