Bruges Doors

Still in Bruges, but this time with doors, I don’t know what it is about doors but they tend to capture my eye a lot, saying that, the doors are normally the entrance to a pub. However the next few doors are not leading into any bars, and the first two I would definitely not like to exit when leaving a bar.









Have a great weekend.

14 comments on “Bruges Doors

  1. superbe ces pas de portes


  2. Superb images…

    Each one is unique but my pick is the first one 🙂


  3. I love photographing doors. Awesome shots Mark.


  4. I love your pictures of Bruges. That first shot is particularly beautifully balanced in terms of colour and texture as well as composition; it would make a great postcard. Were you in a boat when you took the first two pics?


  5. Did Bruges once a long time ago – would love to do it again


  6. Happy Holidays my friend! All the best to you and your family! Cheers, Papa


  7. What a nice photographic trio, Mark! Brings back memories of our cruise on Bruges’ canals some springs ago.


  8. You definitely wouldn’t want to exit Door No 2 after a few drinks on a dark night! The first one is so photogenic


  9. Love the one leading to the water! Doors are fascinating!


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