Bruges Bridges

And there are a lot of them, which of course makes this such a wonderful city to walk around, you are never short of a great view and without the bridges you would get wet feet.

I’m not going to go on about Bruges, you can check it out here it is a beautiful city, easy to get to from London via Eurostar and only take a couple of hours, plenty of Lace for the ladies and Beer for the boys.

This is the oldest bridge in Bruges according to our tour guide, however if you do a search you will get others saying it’s a different bridge.




This is another old bridge in Bruges.


6 comments on “Bruges Bridges

  1. Very picturesque. I have only raced through Bruges on the train to the ferry port when we lived on the continent, but never saw much of the place itself. I don’t think I had an appreciation of these things in those days, though!


  2. It’s such a beautiful looking place, your photos are lovely, and so nice to see that summer weather in December. 🙂


  3. Pretty cool, Bruges alo hosts a Ice Sculpture Festival, not to say how fancy are the hotels. Thanks for the tips.


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