Scotland from the Air

A few more shots of the Scottish coast, it’s the first sight of land for most north sea workers after weeks at sea and although I can only speak for myself it’s always great to see, whether its like these shots or completely covered in snow it’s always a welcome sight.




My thoughts go out to the people of Glasgow after the police helicopter crash on Friday which sadly killed 9.

13 comments on “Scotland from the Air

  1. just beautiful 🙂


  2. Great aerial shots, Mark.


  3. Wow terrific images Mark.


  4. I love Scotland. These are fantastic photos.


  5. These pictures are #Stunning. I’ve only ever been to Scotland once – back in 95 and it was very cloudy incoming and I missed out on any aerial view at all 😦 I do recall the lovely shoes though… at the market in the hearts of Dublin! *swoons*

    Thanks so much for sharing!~

    ss Lou


  6. It looks so peaceful from above, doesn’t it.


  7. These are all great – all interesting chunks of coast with good colour to boot – you have some excellent opportunity in your occupation – most importantly you grab the opportunity – congratulations on the publication that will be a great buzz I am sure – Scott


  8. I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland and to see it from the air must be thrilling!


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