Ice Scale

After the last post I was asked about scale, e.g. How big is that iceberg? It’s very hard to get a scale of anything at sea and more so with icebergs as they are not manmade and come in all sorts of sizers and the birds on the last berg could of been Sparrows or Albatross for all I know.

Now thanks to our friend here we can tell this is a very small iceberg, known as a Growler, the next size after this is a Bergy Bit, then Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Greenland Seal


This next size is a a Medium, you have to remember 7/8 of the iceberg is under water and we are a couple of miles away from the rig.Iceberg


Now this next one is big, you will have to take my world for it as there is nothing in the picture to scale it against, but to give you an idea, we were in a boat with 27,000 horse power and when the tide was against us we moved nowhere, when the tide changed and was in our favour we moved a quarter of a mile, I think we towed this berg for about 3 days.



Under tow, but not moving much.

Ice tow


Here is a guild to test yourself next time you are walking down the high street and see an iceberg.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 12.14.42

22 comments on “Ice Scale

  1. Lucky you. How many degrees are there?


    • Hi Dana, if you mean how cold the interior temperature of icebergs is in the range of -15o to -20o C. Only at the surface does the temperature increase to 0o C, if you mean how far north, then 68 Degrees.


  2. Amazing stuff. Until I came across your blog I didn’t know that someone went to the bother of towing icebergs out of the way. Where do you take them? Won’t they just get straight back into shipping lanes or close to installations again once you let them loose? Hope nobody gets it into their minds to censor your iceberg photographs lol.


    • We just move them out the way of the rig, tow them far enough and they won’t come back, if they do we just move them again. Thanks


  3. Who knew there was so much to know about icebergs! Great post!


  4. Very helpful diagram, thank you, and wonderful pictures of bergs. I especially like the seal on the growler, but I can see birds on the medium iceberg which makes it look pretty big. Towing icebergs must surely be one of the more bizarre jobs you do.


  5. good information and cool to see those big ice bergs 🙂


  6. Wow fantastic shots Mark.


  7. Nancy Pryor

    I say again, what a great educator you are. Thanks


  8. Beautiul colours in the ice. It always amazes me how these become crafted by the elements into the most exquisite of shapes sometimes.


  9. That last one looks like the impressive ice berg the Ice Age family got stuck on in Continental Drift. These are so appealing to look at, ordinarily something I would not get to see especially with descriptions and helpful explanations.

    Did you say you actually towed that ice berg? I’ve never even heard of such a thing, how do you do that?


  10. By the way, I used the same diagram in an attempt to explain icebergs!!!


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