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No Smoking

If I did smoke, I still wouldn’t light up any where near this beast.




Have a great weekend.

11 comments on “No Smoking

  1. Glad to hear it… it is a formidable vessel.


  2. Nice!, love the compression in this shot


  3. Great to see you are finding some ‘legal’ images after your recent instructions!


  4. beautiful and nice light 🙂


  5. I can see some people down there on the right hand side of the picture, and it really helps me to put the size of this grand vessel into perspective!! Amazing! Out of curiosity, is one of the conditions of working on the vessels and the rigs that you have to be a non smoker?


  6. The reader is driving me mad at the moment – I commented on this on my PC (using my phone here) and it didn’t take – good angle and light here – giving the viewer the idea of scale


  7. I used to work on these tankers. I used to smoke a lot more then. For a while they stopped allowing us to smoke on the bridge. Imagine 4 hours of ABs jonesing for a smoke! They changed the policy back pretty quick! That time did break my HABIT. I went from 2-3 packs a day to only 1-2 cigarettes a day if that many. Most tankers now have designated smoking areas but its never allowed on the cargo decks!


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