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Steel of the Night

As anyone who has read my equipment page will know, I don’t travel with a tripod. There are a couple of reasons for this, the main one is I work at sea, the other is the structure I am standing on is also vibrating a lot with generators and motors always on the go, so night shots are almost never considered by me. That was until I saw this, it’s some steel works somewhere on the coast, and my type of landscape. I like all this industrial stuff!

I managed to find a pipe to lean against and held as steady as I could, this was the result.



13 comments on “Steel of the Night

  1. This looks fantastic, and without tripod, too! I agree with you, this isn’t a view to be ignored when you have a camera with you.


  2. Nicely done Mark. Terrific view.


  3. Wow, that’s a lot of lights! Great job with the pipe tripod.


  4. fantastic job if done by hand. full respect.


  5. You have a steady hand because this looks awesome! I love the industrial lights at night too!


  6. That’s a lot of light needing a lot of power! I really enjoyed the Scotland photos. Thanks.


  7. that is beautiful 🙂


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