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Good News and Bad News

First the good news, I’ve had another photo published in a magazine called Interactions, it’s a photo of Archie (my dog) with xmas socks on, which I had placed on my blog.


Now the bad news, I have been told by my employer that I cannot publish photos of rig’s, platforms, & AHV’s, basically anything to do with the offshore industry without prior consent from the owner, so as we know it is no-more!!!! I was thinking of changing it to or but thats just silly. So in the foreseeable future you will have to settle for photos of the sea and maybe the odd sunset, on which I’m sure you will get bored of very quickly.

I have a link to Interocean on my side bar, this is not the company I work for, Interocean use some of my photos on their web site.

This is very disappointing, as I’m sure I have passed on a little of what goes on out there, I have had some great feed back and I thank you all for that.


P.S. Don’t go to far will be back, in some form or another.

32 comments on “Good News and Bad News

  1. Such is life. Your dog pic sounds like an original ‘bobby soxer’.


  2. I was wondering what had happened to you and I think it’s a great shame you’re not allowed to post pics of rigs, etc. any more. I don’t really understand why, I can’t see what harm it’s doing and it provided entertainment and education for all your readers. Very disappointing as you say, I will miss your fascinating pics, but I’m delighted that Archie’s made it into a magazine, he’s certainly got star quality.


  3. Fergus Lyon

    Ridiculous but not hugely surprising. There probably is not a rule to say you cannot post pictures but rather than take chances it is easier to set a blanket ban. Pity because I was learning so much about rig moving from your blogs.


  4. That is so mean! I loved your photos of what you do, including the monstrous kit that is used to achieve gigantic jobs! What a shame. I would have expected that the operators and owners wouldn’t mind lots of free positive publicity, and it isn’t as if a great deal of industrial espionage could be based on your photos. Their loss, too, I guess, not just ours. Congratulations on the success with your dog photograph though, hope your blog stays afloat!


  5. Congratulations in the published image. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for the site.


  6. Sorry to hear you’ve been grounded mate, you actually made the industry look interesting! I’ll be watching out for the replacement theme. Dom


  7. Looking forward to updates on Hank, scenery and villages you visit on the way to and from work. Hopefully we will be able to see your rig photos again soon.


    • Thanks Towertodd, yeah I will be having a meeting with some PR guy and see if there is some way around it, like covering up names and things. Watch this space!


  8. I am heartbroken that they are restricting publication of your photography, as it has been high-quality and portrays the industry well.

    Nina Rach Editor, Offshore Engineer (OE) magazine ________________________________


  9. Oh no, just as I was getting into your blog. Gutted, but I guess not as gutted as you I guess.


  10. Sorry to hear about the posting of rig photos. I enjoyed seeing them.


  11. I am really going to miss your photos of the rigs! Please don’t give up on posting our pictures of anything else that falls within your camera or iPhone. Would love to see anything you come across in life. Hey, you do visit interesting towns and could post those adventures!


  12. You’ll stay in my reader, as I am sure whatever you post will be well worth viewing. Your pictures are awe-inspiring. Congratulations on the recognition. You’re a great photographer. I’m another fan who, because of your blog, has a more nearly positive view of the industry than I did previously. I hope you will be able to continue posting offshore pictures in addition to whatever other subjects you choose.


  13. That stinks man, I loved the rig photos


  14. Congrats for your famous dog!


  15. That is sad news but on one level not too surprising perhaps. There are petty restrictions on photography in so many places. I was taking an image of a track-side building at my local railway station (the building in question was not even railway property) but I was told photography was not allowed. I do hope you will continue to find images that you can post, Mark.


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  17. What a shame! 😦 I only just found your blog and I’m already feeling like I am missing out on something.

    You do such an awesome job on engaging with your commenters and providing them insights that actually portray the industry itself in a fairly unique and positive light. What a shame they can’t see this!


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