I get to see the coast of Scotland from the air time and time again but I’m very rarely allowed to take photos of it. The other day was an exception.

It was a stunning day and the coast looked good, although saying that the coast always looks good when you haven’t seen any land for nearly four weeks.

Green on green.

Arctic lll & Coast15-57-03

Here are some ruins for you, I have know idea what they are but one day I will hire a car and drive up the coast to explore.

Arctic lll & Coast15-57-25

And I can’t not have a lighthouse in shots of the coast, unfortunately the angle was a bit steep and I couldn’t get away from the refection of my bright yellow survival suit.

Arctic lll & Coast15-55-40

Not bad I think considering I only have my small point & shoot camera. Have a great weekend.

16 comments on “Coast

  1. These are wonderful!


  2. It looks like you might have been around the Aberdeenshire coastline. I hoped I might recognise something from my flights of arrival and take off from various parts of Scotland, mostly North, but no.

    Aerial pix can be fascinating.


  3. Wow…great shots Mark.


  4. Have a nice weekend too! Great view!


  5. Beautiful!


  6. Once again I am wowed. Thanks for sharing from your perspective!


  7. Beautiful shots! Don’t let those point and shoot cameras fool you, beautiful images derive from them. Those ruins are right up my alley!


  8. Doesn’t our coastline look beautiful. Great images, Mark


  9. that is awesome 🙂


  10. Exceptional images, Mark! Lucky you to be able to photograph such beautiful landscapes from a unique vantage point.


  11. Those are fricking awesome man!


  12. Our Adventure in Croatia

    great images in a clear sunny day


  13. *Looks at the Castle* #OhMyHeart


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