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The Queen

I’m bored, very bored, I’ve been on this rig since the 4th, first the rig had a small problem with the drill string, we were suppose to get off while they fixed the fault, but at the last minute the suits said ‘don’t go we will have it fixed in no time’ so we stayed, that was the first 10 days, now we are WOW (Waiting On Weather) and there doesn’t seem an end to it.
Sitting on a rig doing nothing for so long can get very boring even though its not a bad one, the food is good, it has a gym and TV and Internet, even if the latter is very slow.
However if I had a choice I would much rather be chilling out on this.


This was a shot I took while in Southampton last month, I had to climb onto a wall and stand on top to get this shot, it’s an ‘ok’ shot, from a perspective you don’t always get to see.

16 comments on “The Queen

  1. LOL…I don’t blame you. Terrific post Mark and hope you get off soon…at least for good behaviour 🙂


  2. I think that’s a great shot! That’s the down side with being on a rig rather than a boat, there’s no chance of going into port for a few days to fix things. I hope work starts again soon.


  3. Been there done that on WOW. And how many times have you heard “we’ll have this fixed in no time”. Very few problems on a drill rig get solved in no time!


    • Yeah they will never learn, should of sent us home when they had the chance, of course I don’t mind staying on board, if you know what I mean ££££££££.


  4. what a monster! 🙂


  5. That ship is huge! I think it is a great shot!


  6. great perspective! just a little bit scary though…………….. 😉


  7. Superb perspective and very powerful. Hope you all get reprieved soon.


  8. Ah, this brings back fun memories of my first cruise, which just happened to be on this very ship. 🙂 You’ve certainly captured her enormity here.


  9. Impresionante Perspectiva, Una Fotografía Muy Espectacular… Un Saludo.


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