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North Sea

They managed to get me back on a helicopter and I’m back at work, been out in the North Sea since the 5th and we haven’t pulled an anchor yet!
It wasn’t a bad flight out to the rig, we got a fixed wing aircraft up to a place called Wick which is way up north near John O’groats, this meant the chopper ride was only 25 mins, also the chopper was new and had big windows which makes an easier escape route.
Not much really happens in the North Sea so I tend to only bring my little point & shoot. However we are close to a FPSO and a platform so thought I might get a shot to show you guys what goes on out here.
Here a tanker is coming in to unload the FPSO, the Maersk boat close by is there just incase and the other large boat is surveying the area.


6 comments on “North Sea

  1. this looks so beautiful 🙂


  2. Glad to hear you weren’t on a Super Puma. Do you get nervous travelling by helicopter? I’d love to go on an FPSO.


  3. The ships look so small out in that vast sea! Love the pics!


  4. I found your first para extremely interesting. I. Had heard that Wick John O’ Groats airport was hoping to take on more flights to the North Sea oil and gas fields, much as you describe. It looks like that could be a great move for everyone involved in the industry. The design of the helicopter you describe seems sensible.


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