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I posted a photo on here back in January this year, It was spotted by Nina Rach, the Editor of Offshore Engineer and after an exchange of emails I was asked if it could be used on the front cover of the August edition of said magazine, of course I jumped at the chance, it’s a fantastic magazine both in hard copy and digital format and it’s free. Click Here to go straight to the digital copy.

And here it is.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.04.04



The inside with a bit of write up about the photo.

Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 11.04.29


Remember to check out the complete magazine and subscribe to keep up to date on all thats happening in the oil and gas industries.



26 comments on “OE Magazine

  1. Rob Breure

    Well done man!
    And it IS a nice picture!
    Looking forward to meet again!


  2. Brilliant! Congrats on your ‘other career’ 🙂 Is this your second or third publication?


  3. That is awesome. Congratulations Mark. It is a great shot.


  4. Excellent! Your photos deserve a wider audience.


  5. Congrats!


  6. It’s a great photo and we are very happy to have featured it on the cover. Good work, Mark, and thanks!


  7. Congratulations!!! Awesome photo!


  8. Wow!!! This is soooo cool!!! Congrats!! – and great pic btw! 😉


  9. Nice work, and congrats as well!


  10. No wonder she wanted to use that photo. Congratulations. Are you standing just a little taller? 🙂


  11. Well done Mark. It’s an excellent image. I’ve recently had a similar experience with an approach from a Swiss company – should have an image in print shortly. And they paid very well too!


  12. That shot give me vertigo! Congratulations Mark!


  13. wowza – missed this post – bragging rights or what – great shot and recognition


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