Hank. Pt.3

We are on the final straight now, I decided to change the wheels to some more updated ones which are 5 stud, so rather than just get some 4 stud to 5 stud adaptors, I thought I would get completely new disc and drum brakes for Hank.

Here they are after my OCD with the paint can.



Now before I show you Hank almost finished and then complete, here’s a reminder of how he looked the day he arrived home.




And now, this is before the new wheels were added, straight out of the paint shop.



Check out those curves.




With the new wheels.



Thanks to Perry and his team for a stunning paint job, Thanks also to James my mechanic who went above and beyond the call to get my car finished in time for Carfest, Andy for the tyres, and all the guys at Coolair for all the parts.


Now the bad news.

Hank was finished a couple of weeks ago so I had a lot of fun driving him, then the wheels were added and he looked so cool, I was so happy I took him for a nice long drive, I stopped at Bluewater our local shopping centre and met my wife and our boys for lunch, then on the way home driving up the motorway Hanks engine gave up, and I don’t mean in a small way, he dropped a valve or something, but as I was doing about 70mph at the time the engine didn’t have a chance, so I have to apologise for letting everyone down that worked so hard on Hank, he will be back, but I have now started other jobs like my driveway and patio and summer house, so maybe next summer, it was fun while it lasted.

33 comments on “Hank. Pt.3

  1. Rich McPeek

    Wow! Amazing restoration! Sorry to hear the bad news Mark! Terrific shots tho!


  2. Great restoration Mark. So sorry to hear about Hank’s engine after all of your hard work. At least he gave you a ride or two.


  3. Good things never last long enough, but he looks fab though!


  4. Fergus Lyon

    What a heart breaker! Good luck with the engine rebuild…or does it need a new block too?


  5. Oh that’s so sad. He came out beautifully and now to not be able to drive him. Shame.


  6. I’m so sorry, Hank is still beautiful though and it will be so much more appreciated when it’s up and running even if you cant embark on that project now. Im sure there were eyes of envy from those who saw you and Hank.


  7. WOW!!!! Hank is gorgeous! Well done Mark!


  8. Don’t worry, you’ll have Hank on the road again!


  9. What an amazing job, Hank is one good-looking machine. What a terrible shame about the engine, but once you get that fixed perhaps you’ll appreciate him even more. I hope he’s not out of action for too long, the beast needs to be on the road!


  10. talk about bad luck mister! but oh my Gosh how drop dead gorgeous does Hank look???!!! shame about the *small matter* of the engine but as it’s fixable I’m sure you’ll relish the chance to put an even badder version in, he is definitely worth it 🙂


  11. great work mark!!! I am sure you will certainly come up with more profound ideas to restore hank back


  12. Lovely! sweet ride!


  13. Hank looks fabulous, Mark. You chose exactly the right colour. I had a Dinky toy of one of these in the ’60s. What a fantastic job you have all done. So sorry to hear of the ‘heart’ failure. You really didn’t deserve that. Let’s hope that you will get Hank back up and running again.


  14. What a beautiful car. I’ve always loved that car, and yours is a beauty. Your mate did a brilliant piece of wrok with the new paint-job, looks positively James Bond now. 🙂 Happy motoring mate.


  15. You really did a great job on this vintage car, congrats!


  16. Impressive work!! How long were you working on it for?


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