Hank Pt.2

While Perry my painter was busy sanding, sanding and doing a bit more sanding, I was still cleaning and painting parts, like these headlight mounts.


photo copy



And after.

First rubbed down to bare metal, etch primed, primed and then a few final coats of stone chip black, I also replaced all the screws with stainless steel.

photo copy 2


In fact every screw, washer, nut and bolt I could get off I replaced with stainless steel.

Even things like these drop spindles, these lower the front of the car by about 2″, know one will ever see these once on the car, unless it drives over you, but it had to be done.

After painstakingly masking up, these went through the same painting process as before.



photo copy


Meanwhile Perry was hard at it. Boot, bonnet, doors and some copper pipe! All getting some primer.



Hank himself was starting to look pretty good too.



11 comments on “Hank Pt.2

  1. What a difference with the before and after pictures. That second last picture is like an exhbition in a modern art gallery.


  2. I really like seeing Hank’s progress Mark. Can’t wait to see the final result.


  3. Wow that is looking pretty good.


  4. Hank when complete should be shot in Wester Ross – in some wicked dark cloudy days


  5. Looking good! You’ll be enjoying Hank on the road in no time.


  6. Nancy Pryor

    Looking good.


  7. Hank is really looking good!


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