Hank. pt. 1

Any idea what this is?


No! me neither, but it was one of hundreds of parts given to me from my painter, after stripping down Hank I was given boxes of bits to strip down, sand, scrub, polish, paint and put back together. Some bits I even put in the dishwasher while the wife was out.

Here it is after.


Now a lot of these bits I will never see again, but thats ok, I know it’s been done and thats all that counts.

Now a few shots of Hank getting undressed.


After all the shinny bits were removed it was time for the old paint to come off, this is the time you find out if you have brought a lemon or not, and after buying the car blind, as in, I only saw photo’s before parting with my hard earned. I was feeling a bit nervous, but I trusted Mick (the guy I got Hank from) and he was exactly as Mick had said, one very original solid car. Thanks Mick.


And what was left of the paint.


11 comments on “Hank. pt. 1

  1. David Toft

    It’s the bonnet catch Regards, David Toft


  2. It’s an exciting project, this. Was that unidentified metal item one of those put into the dishwasher? It’s certainly looking very shiny after your attentions.


  3. Great project, wow! When do you have time to do this, in addition to all of your work and vacay travels?


  4. I once had one of these projects in my garage… tho’ it went on far too long… so one day I was informed by my wife that she had found a buyer for my yet-to-be finished car… I took the hint and nudge and said goodbye to it!


  5. I love this stuff, as I am sure you do as well……enjoy!


  6. that looks solid 🙂


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