In Brugge

Which ever way you spell it, it is still a very beautiful city, I’ve just got back from work again, this time sailing around the Solent just off the South coast of England, not a very exciting job but someone has to do.

At the beginning of this month the wife and I jumped on Eurostar and two hours later we were having coffee in the main square of Bruges, great journey, very easy and no stress, a bit like going to work for me.

Great city to walk around, lots of bars and restaurants, museums and shops, this was our favourite restaurant, just off the Fish Market in Tanners Square, great food and people, the garlic prawns are to die for, but if you are having a romantic weekend make sure you both have them, they are quite overpowering.

Brugge 201312-11-38


And while in the Fish Market, check out one of the oldest bridges in Bruges, my wife brought me a very nice water colour of it from a stall in the market.


Brugge 201315-51-42





17 comments on “In Brugge

  1. Beautiful pictures Mark, it looks as if you had a wonderful time. Bruges is on my wish list of places to visit.


  2. Always wanted to visit Brugge and these images make me want to even more. Nice shots Mark.


  3. Very nice. I love the bridge!!!


  4. Sounds like a perfect get away. Definitely on my list of places to visit. Nicely done Mark.


  5. Seems like a new candidate for my places to go list -Love the bridge!


  6. Rich McPeek

    Looks like a nice place! Very nice shots Mark!


  7. Beautiful images of what looks like a beautiful place. Those garlic prawns sound awesome! You did have a beer with them!


  8. Love Bruges, but also really like the film of the same name…(in Bruges)


  9. I have been once – weather was dull and it was pre digital – I shall return.


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