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The Lift

Now we are at the correct height we can start the lift, Once the GE guys are in place inside the turbine, we connect the heavy lift bracket to the crane hook and it’s lifted to the top of the turbine.

Wind Farm10-04-21

You can just make out the GE guys connecting the HLB, once thats connected they will undo all the bolts holding the blades in place from the inside.

Around the same time a lifting strop is connected to the number 6 blade (think of a clock face) for the other crane.

Wind Farm16-08-02

All nuts removed the blades and hub are slowly removed.

Wind Farm07-30-33

Now a great bit of crane ballet is performed and you can see why the barges have to be positioned so exact.

Wind Farm07-46-00

Blades are manoeuvred between the legs and pedestal with great skill.

Wind Farm07-50-11


The blades are slowly lowered onto a fixed base on a movable deck at the rear of the barge.

Wind Farm08-05-04


This base is used to secure the hub for the removal of each blade.

Wind Farm08-09-15


Success, Mark the project manager is a happy man. 1st stage complete.

Wind Farm08-16-30

18 comments on “The Lift

  1. Those blades are just plumb huge!


  2. superlike photos. Thanks a lot for sharing and taking effort to present those on the blog platter.


  3. What precision. Your pictures capture it perfectly.


  4. Mr Biswas

    How were the blades originally installed onto the turbine? Was the procedure just the removal process you’ve described here but with the steps done in reverse order?


  5. This is so cool to read and see. All of you who work out in the North Sea have my respect and admiration. Be safe brother.


  6. Great job, looks like you had lovely weather for it, too.


  7. Fantastic photos 🙂


  8. I”m still overwhelmed by the size of those darn blades!


  9. What a post Rigmover – so much detail here I reckon I could have ago at erecting one 🙂


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