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Wind Farm

Well it’s a big day today, Hank gets painted today, and will I be there to see it go down? No, will I check it out tomorrow or the next day? No, you see on Wednesday I had to go to work and as you should know by now it’s not a 9-5 job, so Wednesday morning I catch a plane to Dublin then a hire car to Arklow which is on the east coast of Ireland, I stayed in the Arklow Bay Hotel the night which was very nice. The following morning I was on a boat to my next place of work.
And this is it.


Home for the next 3 weeks or so.


We will be taking the turbine off, then the blades and replacing a bearing and putting it back together again, 7 in total and so far 3 have been done, we have two jack up barges on location and they both have to lift and juggle the turbines into place so ill be taking lots of photos and go through to process later, so watch this space.
The only drawback is they only give me 500mb of data a month and I will be using most of that on this post so you will have to wait until I get back home, I should be out here for about 3 weeks.

16 comments on “Wind Farm

  1. Offshore wind farms are such a great idea, I hope it all goes well and I look forward to more pics on your return.


  2. Some coastlines are going to be littered with these things, together with many wind energy generating experiments. The pictures give another slant on the work.


  3. VEry cool Mark. I never new they had off shore wind turbines.


  4. You tease, we have to wait 3 weeks????? really????!!!!! shocking ^_^
    Stay safe Mr. Rig


  5. I can’t wait, this is fascinating! I am sure the wait will be worth it though 🙂


  6. something very new and interesting for me 🙂


  7. Those turbines are huge! Love the bottom pic of sea…just looks beautiful to me. Take pics of Hank’s new paint job when you get back! Saw a beautiful 1965 Lamborghini 350GT on a flatbed on Park Avenue in New York. Pristine condition! Blue saphire with saddle brown seats. I looked up the auction price on these…. $500,000 US dollars! Your Hank and my baby are much more fun and affordable!


    • That’s why the Lamborghini 350GT is on a flat bed and ours are on their rubber, where they should be. Thanks Karen.


  8. Wow! Amazing! We have fields of these all over in farmers fields on land. I did t know they put these in water. I learned something new! 🙂


  9. How cool is that, its huge!


  10. Our Adventure in Croatia

    wow! those things are BIG !!


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