I-Phone Friday

R.I.P Lee Rigby


On a drive to collect parts for Hank (see last post) I drove through Woolwich and pasted the spot where Lee Rigby was murdered by two cowardly nutters, I was meaning to drive down and visit the spot but sort of felt a bit uncomfortable , like I was intruding or something, now I wished I had, this shot I took out the window while driving past, it shows a small amount of the tributes left by people from all over the country and even abroad to this brave young lad.





Have a great weekend.

7 comments on “I-Phone Friday

  1. That is an amazing tribute and must be touching for members of his family. I noticed the other day that there were bunches of flowers piled up on my local war memorial and when I got closer I saw that they were also for Lee Rigby, hundreds of miles from Woolwich. I think it’s good to make an obvious stand against this sort of terrorism.


  2. Incredible tribute. My heart goes out to Lee Rigby and his family.


  3. great tribute 🙂


  4. A beautiful tribute to a brave young man. Very sad.


  5. I walked by here when we went to the Shooting events for the Olympics… such fond memories. So sad now. I only hope that changes come as a result of it.


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