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Finally made it home, fog grounded all helicopters for 5 days and a power cut at Aberdeen airport didn’t help.

The last move was all about getting a Flotel up close and personal to a platform, close enough to install a bridge between the two so workers could eat and sleep on the flotel and work on the platform.

This was done successfully with the help of the AHV’s Balder Viking, Brage Viking, Magne Viking and the Island Vanguard and with a great team of people.

Here is the platform the Gannet A from a stand-off location.

Garnet A


One of the AHV’s




And the reason we couldn’t get off the Flotel, got to say thanks to Jim for drinking all his coffee, eating all the Tab Nabs and just annoying him for those extra days.


10 comments on “Move-on

  1. I love the misty shot, it must have been very thick to keep you stuck there for 5 days. I’d love to go on a flotel, how long is the bridge connecting it to the platform?


  2. Welcome home. Those platforms are really quite something. It’s like a mini city on stilts.


  3. Glad you mad eit home Mar. These Flotels are huse.


  4. I love the fog shot, nice images, very interesting as well.


  5. These are such massive structures. I think its so cool to be able to see these through your eyes! Thank you!


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