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Here we are almost on location and the wind picks up, 30 knot winds aren’t good when you are moving a large Flotel next to a platform, at the moment we have moved a safe distance away and have four vessels holding us here, three of the boats are Viking boats so I had to try a panorama and see if I could get them all in.


Here is a couple on their own, in the winter these boat spend a lot of time way up north breaking up the ice sheets.


You can just make out a FPSO on the horizon.

We can’t forget the other boat, the Island Vanguard, there is a couple of our guys on it, feeling a bit queasy I bet.


16 comments on “Vikings

  1. Urgh my stomach is rolling just looking at your pictures! Spectacular stuff though…and the kind of thing that most of us will never get the chance to see/experience ourselves, which makes it even cooler, really 🙂


  2. Ooh, I agree with the comment above, I can feel the queasiness just looking at those waves. Do you feel it on the flotel? I’d love to go on one of those Viking boats on an ice breaking mission, that would be amazing. Excellent pictures, as ever.


    • It’s ok now we has ballast down, the other day I was feeling that good, and I’m with you on the ice breaking mission, that would be cool.


  3. Very nice images Mark. Thanks for the view into your world.


  4. Rich McPeek

    Great shots Mark! Your work makes me want to get out to the sea again. Haven’t been in quite a long time.


    • Yeah you should Rich, thanks very much.
      The server I’m connected to at the moment won’t let me open your blog, but I can see your latest photo on email, very nice indeed.


  5. Cool stuff Mark, how’s the food on this trip?


  6. Your pictures and descriptions of what you do never fail to captivate me, I think yours must be one of my favourite blogs. My late grandfather was a seafaring man in his younger days, I like to imagine I have some of that in my blood. I don’t recall ever having been seasick so 30 knot winds wouldn’t be enough to put me off a cool ice breaking mission or similar – but then, I might well live to eat my words should I ever try, who knows. While I have been on some extremely turbulent cross channel ferry trips where half the crew was unwell, you are rather molly coddled on one of those even in rough seas, so I have not yet been seriously tested lol. Your blog is the next best thing – can feel the wind in my face 😉


  7. Excellent shots Mark! Yup I would be hanging over the side! Viking ships….I immediately heard Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song in my head: ” I come from the land of the ice and snow, from the midnight sun where the hot springs, flow, the hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands, to fight the horde singing Valhalla I am coming.” However, singing this on that ship would be a little hard hanging over the side. 🙂


  8. Looks a bit choppy out there – you’ve captured the atmosphere very well, Mark


  9. Ooh, these are spectacular Mark! Particularly the churning waves in the second shot!


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