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iPhone Friday

Getting off one rig and going straight out to another, wasn’t to bad, travelling all day, including two flights and a two hour train journey, wasn’t to bad, the taxi driver dropping us off at the gate and a half mile walk with bags to the rig, wasn’t to bad. Arriving as the base of the rig and seeing 157 steps to climb, with bags, in the dark, that was bad, I hate steps.


It didn’t look that bad from back here.


Looking from here I was hoping they would send the crane down, at least for our bags.


We managed the steps and after a safety brief made our way to our cabins, this rig is a Flotel, accommodation only, so it’s quiet and clean, even outside. At full capacity it can sleep around 350 people, but as we are moving it to a new location after a re-fit in Copenhagen there is only 52 of us onboard.

Here’s something I don’t get to see every day, a Maersk Supply boat having some work done in dry dock. Cool.


Have a great weekend.

15 comments on “iPhone Friday

  1. Whoa, that’s a lot of steps, especially having to carry your bags too. It’s great seeing boats in dry dock isn’t it? They look so huge when you can see the whole hull.


  2. Yah I’m with you. The steps would have gotten to me too. Terrific shots. I’m always amazed at how big these rigs are.


  3. No need for a stepper machine in your keep fit regime! 😉


  4. Wow! You must ahve a birds eye view 🙂 Fab shots as always Mark.


  5. These rigs are awesome. Huge! Those steps….well the term “Curse like a sailor” would have been used to describe me if I had to climb those steps.


  6. Awesome series, love the processing!


  7. Wow – up close you get some idea of how big these things really are.


    • It sure is, the server I’m connected to at the moment won’t let me open your blog, but I can see your latest photo on email, very nice indeed.


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