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Left the Maersk Resilient on Monday, job went well and it was time to get home, there is a group of people on a rig that do an outstanding job, now as a third party worker I move from rig to rig and as I meet people that do a similar job we always compare rigs we’ve worked on, now we could say things like “Hey is that the one with a Derrick 210′ x 45′ x 45′; and a Capacity of 1,500,000 lbs, and 3 Mud Pumps and that Rotary Table, 49.5 in. diameter with 99,500 ft.lbs torque and 40 RPM. Opening 49 1/2″ and Max. load of 800 t”.
No we don’t, it goes something like this, “hey didn’t I see you on the JW McLean, that cheese cake is to die for, and steak night is something else, see for us, rigs are remembered by their food and how we are looked after, and this brings me back to this fantastic group of guys and girls,who without, a rig would very quickly become not a very nice place to be.
This of course this is the catering crew and the stewards, and on the Maersk Resilient they were right up there with the best, cabins were spotless and the food, well I’ll let these couple of shots speak for themselves, this is a normal Saturday dinner on the MR.




Now this is just the cold buffet, the hot stuff was on the other side.

I never did make it home, after one night in Aberdeen I flew out to Copenhagen and have joined another rig, let’s see if this one can come close to the MR.

Thanks again to all the staff on the MR and all the rigs I have been on. (I’m never going to lose weight.)

22 comments on “Food for Thought

  1. Look at those desserts! That’s pretty fantastic, and it’s a standard Saturday dinner? It looks like a special spread. As you say, hats off to the catering crew and stewards who do a wonderful job. When you’re working in that kind of environment it’s such an important part of the whole thing, isn’t it, the standard of food and accommodation. This is certainly one to remember.


  2. Oh boy that looks good 🙂


  3. Love learning about something so distant from where I live, yet food is the one constant for everyone. Looks good!!


  4. Well, food is one of those things that keep us going, after all, that’s why they in some parts of the world say “have you eaten?” rather than “how are you?” when they meet!
    Woudn’t mind one or five of those cakes by the way!


  5. Dom King

    Hey Mark,

    No way Jose! I was on the Ocean Reliance (working for Maersk) we had to alter course for you a few days ago when you were on the tow. We could have high fived (if we had long arms)! If you are picking your projects based on the qualiry of the food, this one is going to be a long way down the list! Catch ya later. Dom


  6. Dom King

    Jeeepers creepers Matey

    I just managed to open the images (slow server onboard). It has left me depressed, I didn’t see a fresh vegetable on this vessel for 3 weeks before our replen, even now you can’t recognise them as fresh!



  7. Our Adventure in Croatia

    wow, that “normal saturday dinner” looks pretty inviting…. difficult to resist and to lose weight… 😉


  8. Nancypryor

    What? Are you sure you didn’t walk into a land eatery and take these photos? I never thought about food on a rig but figured it was stew and bacon and eggs and sandwiches. I would have to start with the desserts on this rig.
    Nice and nice pics!


  9. If Hospitality is good, it makes all the hard graft easier to handle, doesn’t it. That looks an amazing spread. You deserve it!


  10. WOW! You work hard so it is nice to see your fed very well!


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