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Hank Update   22 comments

Hi all, now I’m back onshore it’s time to work on Hank, things are going pretty quick, this was Hank a couple of days ago.

Stripped down and ready for the final push.




A few days after that.




Perry my painter has been doing all the hard work, I’ve spent my time cleaning parts, giving them a wire brush and a coat of paint, even parts that will never be seen I’m taking the time to clean and protect.

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Move-on   10 comments

Finally made it home, fog grounded all helicopters for 5 days and a power cut at Aberdeen airport didn’t help.

The last move was all about getting a Flotel up close and personal to a platform, close enough to install a bridge between the two so workers could eat and sleep on the flotel and work on the platform.

This was done successfully with the help of the AHV’s Balder Viking, Brage Viking, Magne Viking and the Island Vanguard and with a great team of people.

Here is the platform the Gannet A from a stand-off location.

Garnet A


One of the AHV’s




And the reason we couldn’t get off the Flotel, got to say thanks to Jim for drinking all his coffee, eating all the Tab Nabs and just annoying him for those extra days.


Buoys at Work   21 comments

This job is quite a complex one, the flotel is held in position with 12 anchors, 6 of theses anchors have been pre-laid and 6 we are deploying now, the pre-laid anchors were done a while ago and the chain ends were buoyed off. Now we are back on location the AHV’s have to grab the buoys and pull them up on deck, disconnect the buoy and connect either the anchor chain or rope inserts and then connect the other end to the rig, here’s the guys on deck of one of the AHV’s grabbing one of the buoys.
First the AHV slowly moves toward the buoy.


As it gets closer the guys on deck get ready and between two of them throw a cable around the buoy.


Once lassoed the winch driver pulls the buoy up and over the roller.



And then made secure on deck, all in a days work for these guys.


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Vikings   16 comments

Here we are almost on location and the wind picks up, 30 knot winds aren’t good when you are moving a large Flotel next to a platform, at the moment we have moved a safe distance away and have four vessels holding us here, three of the boats are Viking boats so I had to try a panorama and see if I could get them all in.


Here is a couple on their own, in the winter these boat spend a lot of time way up north breaking up the ice sheets.


You can just make out a FPSO on the horizon.

We can’t forget the other boat, the Island Vanguard, there is a couple of our guys on it, feeling a bit queasy I bet.


iPhone Friday   15 comments

Getting off one rig and going straight out to another, wasn’t to bad, travelling all day, including two flights and a two hour train journey, wasn’t to bad, the taxi driver dropping us off at the gate and a half mile walk with bags to the rig, wasn’t to bad. Arriving as the base of the rig and seeing 157 steps to climb, with bags, in the dark, that was bad, I hate steps.


It didn’t look that bad from back here.


Looking from here I was hoping they would send the crane down, at least for our bags.


We managed the steps and after a safety brief made our way to our cabins, this rig is a Flotel, accommodation only, so it’s quiet and clean, even outside. At full capacity it can sleep around 350 people, but as we are moving it to a new location after a re-fit in Copenhagen there is only 52 of us onboard.

Here’s something I don’t get to see every day, a Maersk Supply boat having some work done in dry dock. Cool.


Have a great weekend.

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Food for Thought   22 comments

Left the Maersk Resilient on Monday, job went well and it was time to get home, there is a group of people on a rig that do an outstanding job, now as a third party worker I move from rig to rig and as I meet people that do a similar job we always compare rigs we’ve worked on, now we could say things like “Hey is that the one with a Derrick 210′ x 45′ x 45′; and a Capacity of 1,500,000 lbs, and 3 Mud Pumps and that Rotary Table, 49.5 in. diameter with 99,500 ft.lbs torque and 40 RPM. Opening 49 1/2″ and Max. load of 800 t”.
No we don’t, it goes something like this, “hey didn’t I see you on the JW McLean, that cheese cake is to die for, and steak night is something else, see for us, rigs are remembered by their food and how we are looked after, and this brings me back to this fantastic group of guys and girls,who without, a rig would very quickly become not a very nice place to be.
This of course this is the catering crew and the stewards, and on the Maersk Resilient they were right up there with the best, cabins were spotless and the food, well I’ll let these couple of shots speak for themselves, this is a normal Saturday dinner on the MR.




Now this is just the cold buffet, the hot stuff was on the other side.

I never did make it home, after one night in Aberdeen I flew out to Copenhagen and have joined another rig, let’s see if this one can come close to the MR.

Thanks again to all the staff on the MR and all the rigs I have been on. (I’m never going to lose weight.)

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