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Bon voyage Invergordon

Well it was actually Invergordon wishing us Bon Voyage, or maybe they were glad to see us leave, having such a large rig on your doorstep could be a bit of an eye sore. Still I suppose they must be use to it by now.

Anyway, this is the view as we departed Invergordon, Invergordon in the background with HMS Sutherland moored in front.

HMS Sutherland is a Type 23 frigate of the British Royal Navy. She is the thirteenth ship in the Duke class of frigates and is the third ship to bear the name, more than 200 years since the name was last used.

She was launched in 1996 by Lady Christina Walmsley, wife of Sir Robert Walmsley KCB. Before this occasion, Royal Navy ships had always been launched with a bottle of champagne, but Lady Walmsley broke with tradition and used a bottle of Macallan Whiskey.

On the way now, bit of a job for the Pilot, he has to negotiate a path through the rigs left here to die and rigs coming in for work to be carried out, first on the right is the J W McLean, I was part on the team who brought this rig in for its last time, not sure of its furture.
Second one is the Will Hunter which is coming in to have some work done, it arrived a couple of days ago, we flew over it arriving, seeing the AHV’s doing their stuff from above was a new perspective for me, normally it’s all at sea level.


Almost out into open water, you can just make out the pilot up on the helideck directing the tow vessel.


Looking back toward Invergordon.

That set of legs you can see have been there for years, I heard the top of a once working rig was brought by a Russia company, the legs were left and looks like they can’t even be sold for scrap, which seems a shame, they don’t look that nice and would make navigating the channel a bit easier.
If anyone knows if that is correct or have another story about them let me know.

This is the other side of the entrance, looks like a bit of a gun emplacement going on their, I hope when it was maned there was a bridge of some sorts going to it.


18 comments on “Bon voyage Invergordon

  1. Tom Jervis

    Hi MARK,
    Legs are from the Hutton Tension Leg Platform, Decommisioned a couple of years ago – Good pics of the rig under tow.


  2. Graham Harper

    Very interesting. What an appalling waste of an excellent whisky!


  3. Very cool shots and post mark.


  4. I winced when I read about the whisky. All that amber nectar slipping down the hull of a frigate….. I sometimes wonder when the age of rigs will end and they’ll be known only as a part of history, perhaps never to be seen again. A few generations ago people would have found it hard to believe that oil platforms like these could exist and now they’re very much a part of life, even if most people don’t ever get near one. You have a fascinating job and it’s a privilege to see your photos.


  5. superlike. Thanks for sharing.


  6. I do love Lady Walmsey’s use of whiskey instead of champagne! Love seeing the rigs and ships that I would not be able to see if not for your great images! Thank you Mark!


  7. Nancypryor

    All nice photos but the second and third with the bright orange are my favorite in this set. Thanks for the photos and the info to go with them.


  8. I really am digging the second and third shots, very nice!


  9. nicely documented 🙂


  10. been over there loads but never got the chance to see it from your perspective – love the old defence bit at the soutars.- been enjoying catching up with your posts


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