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I’m back at work tomorrow, flying up to Inverness and then hire car to Invergordon, I’ve never stayed in the town of Invergordon before, always on a rig, so I might have time to explore a bit, If I do i’ll try a snap a few off and show you the place.

I’m joining the Maersk Resilient which is a large Jack-up, it’s one I was on a couple of xmases ago.

Here’s a shot of Invergordon from a rig’s point of view.




Here’s a shot of the Jack-up in the first picture I took a long time ago, I’ll be surprised if its still there.Gal 1


Some of the locals just carry on as if nothing is happening.


19 comments on “Invergordon

  1. Rigs going up and down that stretch of water is a daily occurrence for the locals. I must admit I was awe-struck when I saw it for the first time, but I suppose the novelty must wear off after a while. I hope you have a nice time in Invergordon, I’ve only ever seen it from Cromarty.


  2. Thats a pretty brand new kit sitting in Firth! Looks like cold stacked? and now coming out!!
    Superlike the pictures. Perhaps its somewhat sunnier in SIlver City.


  3. Well, apart from the postcard editing, it all looks much as such down there in Invergordon. I have seen more ‘crates’ anchored there, it doesn’t do much for the daytime scenery though. In winter, they are often lit up like Christmas trees. The location does lend itself to some great scenic pictures. If you get a chance, take a walk up one of the Souters.


  4. Looks like a lovely place. I love the dramatic sky in the first two images. Gorgeous.


  5. Nancypryor

    My next big adventure is about to begin (through you). I tell my friends I’m going to where your going and they think I’m a worldwide traveler. Thanks.


  6. Wow, the two first photos are gorgeous! Love the colors and balance.


  7. Really spectacular colors – water and sky.


  8. Stunning sky in that top image!


  9. dramatic look 🙂


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