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Digging through some old photos I found a rig move we did out of Dundee, I haven’t spent any time in Dundee so don’t know much about the place except what I just read on Wiki and it does sound like a pretty cool place.

We joined a jack-up called the Rowan Viking, this was brand new and wasn’t long here from Singapore, however if I remember it did sit in Dundee for a few months before I joined, due to red tape.

It a pretty big rig, 264′ in length and 289′ wide and can accommodate 120 people and can drill to a depth of 35000′.

Rowan Viking

At last we are on our way.

Rowan under tow

And I couldn’t resist a HDR of Dundee.

HDR Dundee

9 comments on “Dundee

  1. Amazing rig, and I’ve never seen Dundee look that good. 🙂


  2. Wow that’s really cool.


  3. That rig is enormous! Great job on the HDR of Dundee. The castle like structure looks like a great place to explore!


  4. Amazing shots, I love seeing shots like this, well done


  5. Broughty Castle from this perspective is awesome


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