Amsterdam HDR

I’m back on dry land after 14 days at sea, it was a good rig move, all went well and nobody got hurt.

This shot is from a rig move I was part of, starting in Amsterdam, we had a couple of days before we left and found this really nice steak house, we would order beers and steak and sit outside and watch the world go by, mainly on boats and bicycles, very relaxing.

Have a great weekend.

I’m having some problems with WordPress at the moment, I find I’m having to log on each and every time I wish to comment or ‘like’ on anyones blog, this gets really annoying after a while, so if I don’t comment I’m sorry and I hope they sort it out soon, I have contacted them and each time I do the responses I get is always the same, “turn on cookies” which I have done but its still the same but with the added hassle of around 40 spams a day.


25 comments on “Amsterdam HDR

  1. Charles Harrell

    That’s a great shot. I am envious both of the location and probably the steak and beers.


  2. Beautiful shot Mark. Love your composition. You have a great weekend too.


  3. Might be an idea to ask for ideas about work-arounds to the current problem from other WP users who have set up their own sites. As I am not au fait with the programming on the site, I cannot help on this.

    Amsterdam is always a good place for pictures.


  4. Great composition, love the glow on the table, as a side note, I have been hammered with spam lately as well, let me know if you get anywhere


  5. What no tulips? :). Still, you did well to find somewhere good to eat in Holland. Beers on the other hand……


  6. Looks good enough to hang on a wall… Oh and many postcards… Cool!!!


  7. Beautiful colors and mood! I could definitely put me feet up with a cold one there!


  8. That’s a lovely picture, Mark. It reminds me of the very pleasant side of working offshore, getting time in nice ports like this. I like what you do with HDR, it works beautifully. I hope WordPress sort out the problem, it sounds most exasperating. It happens to me quite a bit too, but not every time I try to comment, that would drive me mad!


  9. Thanks for sending such great images even when the site is messing with you. Maybe that is why I have failed to receive your images through Email and when I don’t receive any for awhile I go to your web page. Recently I became really concerned at not receiving any thinking you were ill or had been in an accident! Can you believe that? I live half way around the world from you but feel like I know you through your photos.
    The colors in this photo are so relaxing and paint me a feeling of peacefulness. Thanks for sharing.


  10. Nice image, Mark. My eye spots the possibility of an abstract within the image: Those golden light trails across the rich browns of that small table. Word Press do finally sort things out. I had a spell of having to log in (as if I was an unknown) whenever I wanted to comment. They got that sorted. I only recently twigged that the easiest was to do all my catching up was to open a new Tab for WordPress reader and scroll through all the latest posts from all the Blogs I follow. However quite a number of those where my ‘follow’ was via RSS feeds did not reliably appear. I’ve had to re-follow them again.


  11. cool and dramatic 🙂


  12. Wonderfully composed scene Mark. Hope your WordPress woes end soon. That is why I moved to Squarespace…


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